Asus ROG Phone Impressions!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • The gaming phone returns as a ridiculous Asus ROG monster.That Razer phone review: Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: I'm using right now: Track: Cabin Fever (Instrumental) by The Cutlery~ provided by Asus for video.


  • Nickk IRL
    Nickk IRL  a years ago +768

    This phone has more USB ports than a Macbook Air.

  • CozmicK G
    CozmicK G  9 months ago +965

    Buys $1000 gaming phone
    Only plays cookie clicker and candy crush

  • Duckbilled Walrus
    Duckbilled Walrus  9 months ago +427

    Finally a category of phone to which companies are adding ports instead of taking them away!

  • M JP
    M JP  10 months ago +672

    Its better than apple pc

  • Techster Media
    Techster Media  3 months ago +63

    I'm gonna play candy crush with charging the device from all 3 ports

  • Nihal S
    Nihal S  a years ago +777

    When the rog phone has more usb-c ports than the 13' macbook.

  • deadandfriendly
    deadandfriendly  10 months ago +382

    Gets a gaming phone for only playing heartstone

  • Aliyah Ali
    Aliyah Ali  10 months ago +393

    This phone's design looks awesome.

  • Blaise Rowson
    Blaise Rowson  7 months ago +32


  • Dimpo Dun
    Dimpo Dun  11 months ago +28

    I can only afford watching this review. :(

  • Paulo Adeva
    Paulo Adeva  a years ago +589

    Apple: "we're gonna remove the headphone jack"
    Asus: "we're gonna keep the headphone jack AND add two more ports"

  • saurav banerjee
    saurav banerjee  10 months ago +151

    I believe now it's time for Nokia to relaunch Engage as Android Gaming Engage .

  • Caleb
    Caleb  9 months ago +204

    i dont even play games but i still plan on buying this phone because its the only north-american phone with 4000mah battery and snapdragon 845 all the others ether have a notch smaller battery or less powerful me up guys if you just want to see one flagship. JUST ONE with a big battery, top chip, and no notch.. cause so far this gaming phone is the only one and im 100% sure nobody NOBODY cares if the phones a few mm thicker because there more battery

  • Best Ranking Games
    Best Ranking Games  9 months ago +75

    How can anyone think this phone's ugly? It definitely is one of the most BEAST looking phone in recent years AFAIK!

  • xrebornnessx234
    xrebornnessx234  7 months ago +23

    Man im buying this phone so my whole room can glow with my asus gaming rig.

  • Ace Noguera
    Ace Noguera  a years ago +8

    2nd ever gaming phone? Did everyone forget about the Nokia N-Gage?

  • Vxwkxosqrtj xzkljyt
    Vxwkxosqrtj xzkljyt  11 months ago +326

    Android wins again lol

  • Mohammed Faisal
    Mohammed Faisal  21 days ago +3

    Review the ROG phone 2. I'm hoping the ROG phone 3 has a camera that can rival the pixel 4-5

  • Iron Cloud
    Iron Cloud  a years ago +57

    I use a iPhone 6s for video games. It is really great, but when you play pubg at HD graph and high fps it goes so hot i can cook an egg in less than 30 sec XD

  • Roshan Sundram
    Roshan Sundram  a years ago +340

    This phone has more ports than the Macbook