Doordarshan Days - Standup Video - Ft Alexander the Comic

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • Here is my comical tribute to the colorful days of the black and white era. #StandupComedy #Doordarshan

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  • Sreejith Raman
    Sreejith Raman  12 hours ago

    1:20 Its amazing how these type of people sneak in bits and pieces of misogyny into our brains.

  • Tarun Khandelwal
    Tarun Khandelwal  18 hours ago

    Fantastic :).

    Being a native Hindi speaker (10.00pm), I am glad that I was better prepared than non-Hindi(8.30pm) speaking guys to handle the beast that TV was about to turn into :P :D.

    BTW, I feel very happy to mention that we packed off our B/W CRT TV back in 2001.
    (I opened it briefly to watch 2003 cricket WC final, unfortunately :D. A really bad decision it was.).

    We haven't brought a new TV yet and do not intend to do so.

  • Raam
    Raam  22 hours ago


  • Gaurav Sonik
    Gaurav Sonik  yesterday

    There is some dignity and class in your acts.

  • PanneerSelvam Durairaj

    1k cmnts😂😂😂

  • Vidya Anantha
    Vidya Anantha  yesterday

    OMG.... Sooooo true

  • kanagaraj N
    kanagaraj N  yesterday

    Not knowing hindi is a blessing ... really sounds good

  • Nivedita Bagavatula

    This reminds me of sangeedha swarangal song where DD music comes like "tha rararara"in the morning and still hero and heroine would be talking over the telephone,that much significance DD channel had on those days

  • Blah Bla
    Blah Bla  2 days ago

    Body like Tūpak kuccikaḷ/Agarbatti/Incense Sticks
    Name Alexander...hehe....cute

  • Blah Bla
    Blah Bla  2 days ago

    Tamil movies are great.
    Can anyone tell me international awards Tamil movies or its actors or technicians won please.
    Note: **Slow motion anti gravity actions are not allowed, Looking good by covering face with beard, mustache, sunglass, hat, scarf, extra light to look fare, extra slow motion close up of eyes, lips are also not allowed. ;-). International award does not mean Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards or Norway Tamil Film Festival Awards or Vijay Awards or South Indian International Movie Awards. ;-)

  • Blah Bla
    Blah Bla  2 days ago

    Not 70's, This Doordarshan song occurred during 80s and 90s. Make fun but little basic research is expected.

  • Blah Bla
    Blah Bla  2 days ago

    Hindi is evil. Hatred for your own country's own language
    English is good. Love for foreign language. Awesome.
    Church is blessing. Rice bags are great. We are all fools.
    Rich brats are anyway not going to Tamil medium schools.

  • Maddy Tom
    Maddy Tom  2 days ago

    India's Jim carrey. Blessed person

  • gorripati bhaskar


  • Boopathi Raja
    Boopathi Raja  2 days ago

    நண்பா, "எதிரொலி"!!!???

  • Viewer
    Viewer  3 days ago

    Awesome Man... Super .

  • Iyyappan Madakannu

    really nice anna nowadays your video is a stress buster for me thank you

  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher  5 days ago

    Where is he conducting all his programme?

  • Dhinakaran GN
    Dhinakaran GN  5 days ago +4

    Who are all watching this video after "Alex in Wonderland"..??

  • sayee
    sayee  5 days ago

    True, I miss the TV shows for kids like he man, Spiderman cartoon, the serials like discovery of India. Nostalgia