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  • Published on:  Friday, May 18, 2018
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  • sashaMetaxa 11
    sashaMetaxa 11  a years ago +4234

    Europeans over here being like: “Hahaha... you fools.”

  • Tobias David
    Tobias David  a years ago +3842

    Side notes:
    • These are all original songs, unlike (US) talent shows
    • The Voice is a Dutch ‘invention’
    • my favourite colour is ham

  • Regina George
    Regina George  a years ago +4446

    "so its bigger than voice" honey, it is.

  • ラスマスKeiwaM
    ラスマスKeiwaM  a years ago +5830

    This makes me glad that the US isnt a part of eurovision

  • WeJustWantVlogging
    WeJustWantVlogging  a years ago +2578

    "Watch this one being number 1" every European is laughing cause she is so right

  • Poisoned Rose
    Poisoned Rose  a years ago +4680

    it's a contest not just about vocals but about lyrics and performance.... and politics

  • Anna Motmillere
    Anna Motmillere  a years ago +679

    Eurovision is not just a show, it’s something like European (with few exceptions) music olympics. Please don’t make one, it’s really easy to miss the context. Eurovision is about bringing together countries and it actually has a historical meaning.

  • Anne
    Anne  a years ago +1281

    4:43 "there is too much going on behind you to hear what you are saying" she clearly has never seen Eurovision because that was nothing compared to other acts :)

  • Bandicute
    Bandicute  a years ago +3733

    You can't really compare Eurovison to a talent show like The Voice, as it is not a talent show. It is often established artists or up and coming artist who gets selected to compete for their country through a national competition that is held before the international one. Then it is an international competition. Its closer to compare it to a music version of the olympics, really. And there is tons of rules, like it has to be an original song made for Eurovision specifically, you're only allowed 6 people on stage and the songs have to contain a minimum amount of words.

  • Ellefien
    Ellefien  a years ago +2064

    They definitly don't get the point of Eurovision....
    edit: so apparently I got marked, nicee.

  • Gavin Trautman
    Gavin Trautman  a years ago +2102

    "I feel like he's screaming too much"
    Have you seen Hungary yet?

  • August Mannertorn
    August Mannertorn  a years ago +1850

    Can't the US just let us have our thing...

  • Christopher Sneap
    Christopher Sneap  a years ago +985

    Nothing against the US, but please for the love of god stay out of eurovision! It's cheesey and crap and i like it ;)

  • Kornilia’s place
    Kornilia’s place  a years ago +2232

    Nobody even noticed Israel isn’t in Europe 😂

  • k desiatnichenencko
    k desiatnichenencko  a years ago +605

    I don't want them to make a USA version of Eurovision

  • Maithé Vernaeve
    Maithé Vernaeve  a years ago +983

    Well... welcome to Eurovision

  • grimy89
    grimy89  a years ago +2453

    What the hell? Italy's song was brillant.

  • Pregno 21
    Pregno 21  a years ago +581

    Did you really just showed the only moment of the Italian song when there was 1 guy singing loudly and the other one was screaming?

    BOY STAR  a years ago +464

    When unemployed people judge professional singers