Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK" PART 4

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 20, 2018
  • What an amazing experience this will be! We have never done something like this before and nobody else has either. Rebuilding this rare 2014 Dodge Viper TA is going to make history. As we learn along with you guys, we slowly make progress on this awesome race car. Thank you guys for watching and be sure to follow along!-GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


    VEDEM RACING  8 months ago +257

    Every build gets better and better!

  • Tillman Evans
    Tillman Evans  8 months ago +19

    Love seeing the younger guys not afraid to work at what they believe in.
    Keep up the work guys.

  • Firas Alwakeel
    Firas Alwakeel  8 months ago +11

    My number #1 rebuild channel!! Great work guys.

  • The Missing Link's Younger Brother

    Carbon fibre is conductive hence the earth straps ;-)

  • Alejandro Merizalde
    Alejandro Merizalde  8 months ago +12

    you don't need to drill the ends of the crack, but you do need to sand down past the paint and into a top ply. I work on aviation composites and we would do what's called a Double Vaccuum Debulk method, however at the very least you can do a tapered (scarf) repair in Wich you sand at an angle down to the crack/tare. you then rebuild matching each layer in an alternative pattern, usually 0/45 degree is enough, and finish it off with a final cover ply about a half inch to an inch past the top ply. then you can sand everything down but the bond created by the scarf is structural and pass loads from old to new composite layup. good try guys, but I'm afraid it might not last. keep up the good work, videos are amazing!

  • TychoBrahe21
    TychoBrahe21  8 months ago +251

    For that fiberglass inner fender, if you don't want to take it on yourself, talk to a boatyard, those guys live and breath fiberglass, but yeah, totally repairable.

  • What you said .
    What you said .  8 months ago +77

    I’ve never seen so many experts in the comment section 😂

  • Yasu Len
    Yasu Len  8 months ago +2


  • Caleb Lynn
    Caleb Lynn  8 months ago +4

    Shirt idea:
    with Thomas the Hellcat on it lol

  • msett020
    msett020  8 months ago +1

    Wow 616k subscribers!!!! You guys are growing and making great content. Love builds and that the cars are unique. Keep up the great work Goonz 💪💪

  • Haplo Teromaximus
    Haplo Teromaximus  8 months ago +70

    It doesn't matter in this application, but just an FYI, when you work with carbon fiber (or fiberglass) that isn't going to be painted, you never use any pulling motions when applying the resin. You use a 1 inch paint brush, and dab the resin into the fibers. The imperfection you noticed on the front spoiler was from using a pulling motion to apply the resin. Pulling motions dislodge the fibers as you saw on the front spoiler.

  • Latinjack Sparrow
    Latinjack Sparrow  8 months ago +2

    Boi I love their accent😁
    It’s way different then NY

  • Reinvented Prodigy
    Reinvented Prodigy  8 months ago +3

    For those who want to know
    The original Dodge Viper GTS was beaten by a Corvett ZR1. Ralph Vioss “ i belive thats how its spelt” was pretty mad about that so he then created the Dodge Viper T/A calling it time attack as it overcame its loss against the ZR1.

  • Gene Holmes
    Gene Holmes  8 months ago +82

    Reinforce the backside of the hood!!!use bigger pieces

  • CarEnthusiast
    CarEnthusiast  8 months ago +2

    This is awesome guys! Thanks for making these video's

  • Joshua Comeau
    Joshua Comeau  8 months ago +158

    The metal things are to ground the hood. Carbon fiber is super conductive and needs to be grounded...

  • Spicy Boi
    Spicy Boi  8 months ago +3

    10:40 use ducktape!!
    P.S. i l ove you guys videos!!

  • Matthew Johnston
    Matthew Johnston  8 months ago

    Y’all need cordless microphone. Great job guys keep it up 😁

  • NBGUY918
    NBGUY918  8 months ago +2

    My November page in my calendar has a 2014 orange TA dodge viper, What a weird coincident #goonzquad #notificationzquad

  • Neil Reid
    Neil Reid  8 months ago +2

    Totally fun to watch you guys. Legit- I love how you're not afraid to ask for information from your subscribers and viewers. Looking forward to seeing this monster come back together. Peace!