Parents Reaction to Son Restoring Their 45 Year Old Ford XA Superbird

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 12, 2018
  • Ford Falcon XA Superbird Restoration & Parents Reaction. This car was bought new in 1973, the rolled in a crash and sat on a farm for over 20 years and then Tommy restored it for his parents.Tommy started on the restoration project in April 2013 and finished November 2017. Tommy spent $106,300 dollars restoring the car.The car was restored to factory original condition.The following are the factory specs for the Superbird:► Engine Code: Y – Australian 302 4V Cleveland V8► Transmission Code: B – Factory 3 Speed Cruisomatic Differential: 2.92:1► Paint Code: T – Lime Glaze► Trim Code: B – Black Vinyl► Factory Options: – Seatbelts – Power Disc Brakes– Sport Console– Carpets – Sport Handling Suspension– Special Value Package– Rear LouvreThanks for watching.___________________________________________________________________CREDIT LINKS► Tommy Superbird Youtube Channel -► Parents Reaction Original -► Ford XA Walk Around Original -► Wonder World Facebook -► Wonder World Twitter - business enquiries, content submission or copyright concerns or disputes, please contact me.


  • Wonder World  8 months ago

    ★★★ *FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE VIDEO / FACT UPDATES* ★★★*1) Do you still have the car as of Oct 2018?* - Yes he does, the video & images in this video were put together by Tommy just recently, so yes he still owns it, and as said in this video will be handing it down to his son at the right time.*2) Why is the steering wheel on the wrong side / Right Hand Drive* - Because this is Australia, we have right hand drive cars and we drive on the opposite side of the road to Americans.*3...

  • It’s the exact same in England mate the steering wheel is on the right side

  • Vorzel _  26 days ago

    Well it's not just Americans that drive on the right side 69% of the world does.

  • Alfando Savant  7 months ago

    Price to fix the car: thousands of dollarsPrice to see your parents' joyful face: priceless

  • He spent way to much money

  • Jgoldie318  15 days ago


  • Jorge Garcia  a months ago

    8:06 all the memories rushing through the dad’s head......good job sir

  • AnUnknownPerson  17 days ago

    omg yess😭 i will always love old cars

  • WarLead2792  27 days ago

    Remember when I chucked that fat burnout in front of Principal Shithead's house. Hehehehe good memories.

  • ibles bosuok  27 days ago

    Tough wise dad. He deserve more. My respect to him.Cheers from Indonesia

  • Edward Kimberly  16 days ago

    Mantap gan

  • urnotzero  19 days ago

    Rencana kalo udh gede mau beliin mobil yg ortu pertama kali punya suzuki katana

  • God damn you Mr.Krabs and your tiny violin 🎻

  • SS Nightser  4 days ago

    Offencive to use the lord's name in vain

  • Dan Koning  12 days ago

    Dominguez that violin is going to be playing much louder if you don't begin understanding how much of an offence it is to use a Holy Gods Name that way...SMH

  • sahil bakhshi  27 days ago

    Nothing in universe in front of Parents happiness GOOD JOB 👏 BRO .... lots of love form INDIA 🇮🇳 I WISH GOD GIVES U WHOLE HAPPINESS OF WORLD 🌍

  • Yahya Moustafa  15 days ago

    Love from EGYPT

  • sahil bakhshi  27 days ago

    Pedro Santos thanks 🙏🏼

  • Nandhu Krishnan  3 months ago

    That 45 year old model looks far greater than the ones now

  • George Isaak  15 days ago

    that is because back then cars were made with love and by human hands mostly . Now robots took that part so do not expect the same beauty , quality is another thing , but beauty ...that is a human aspect only !

  • Brucev7  17 days ago

    Detroit Metal, not Plastic and Microprocessors

  • Adam Borseti  27 days ago

    Must've been like stepping in a lime-green time machine!

  • anthony armstrong  27 days ago

    When a man goes back into his restored car when he used to dive in his young days... It's a very beautiful and touching experience....😭😭😭😂😂😂 Joy....

  • anthony armstrong  17 days ago

    @AnUnknownPerson I'm so sorry to hear that bro

  • AnUnknownPerson  17 days ago

    damn 😭 i wish i could do that but my dad car always got rob

  • retaj mohammed  1 months ago

    To gta vice city player This is the Sabre turbo

  • Lebron James  15 days ago

    @retaj mohammed its ur opinion bro that means the this other guy has to delete too lmao it is a monte carlo trust me i know cars

  • Lil Claptrap  15 days ago

    @retaj mohammed DONT DELETE BRO!!!