Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories



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    And if fan theories are your thing, why not check out WatchMojo Uk's list of the Top 10 Harry Potter Fan theories?

    • Drench006 North
      Drench006 North  4 days ago I’m b kno mbn hbbuhve. H. S. M gy

    • Izzy Sprinkles
      Izzy Sprinkles  8 days ago

      I may only be eight years old but when I saw this comment I got so freaking happy I love anime I want to be an animator when I grow up not trying to be weird I just wanted to say and I think that’s a great idea

    • Pirate gaming
      Pirate gaming  14 days ago

      Also jigsaw uses a robotic puppet that he uses a mic to voice it

    • Pirate gaming
      Pirate gaming  14 days ago

      There is no records of jack in real life or movie there is no records of rose in real life

    • Reaper Main
      Reaper Main  1 months ago

      Kev Walthall sfu

  • Mr BiG
    Mr BiG  7 hours ago

    Willy wonka is snowpeser

  • the great sans
    the great sans  10 hours ago

    Back to the future is rick and morty

  • joebcfc
    joebcfc  14 hours ago

    snowpiercers train driver was Charlie from willy Wonka, the 1st film

  • M candy
    M candy  16 hours ago

    This may sound dumb....but i cant stop going to the black swan(2010) whenever i think about joker's origin...personal dilemmas aside, what if he was an actor who tried to embody a character of pure evil but ended up getting consumed by it? Then he wud have no other purpose other than to 'watch the world burn'

  • Tony Lecaro
    Tony Lecaro  16 hours ago

    So he stole millions of children before he opened his factory to the kids? Idk...

  • vxctxm
    vxctxm  18 hours ago

    LOL Willy Wonka did intend for the number to dwindle. Every part of the tour were test to see who would take over the chocolate factory. That tour was also the first time he'd ever let outsiders into the factory which "Chocolate" tasted better than its competitors long before he let the children tour it. How dare you try to spoil my childhood @WatchMojo and chill out on my recommended videos. ;)

  • Geno
    Geno  22 hours ago

    Those poor kids

  • crazy really crazy

    Number five mat pat

  • Sasageyo
    Sasageyo  2 days ago

    Hell ya orange is my fav color.

  • Josh V
    Josh V  2 days ago +1

    The children in willi Wonka were later seen alive so that was debunked quite quickly

  • Farah Swan
    Farah Swan  2 days ago

    Did rose draw herself nude?

  • CANALI Rodriguez
    CANALI Rodriguez  3 days ago

    1:41 something about his face. It don't age. Just hairy

  • golden ducky
    golden ducky  3 days ago

    9:17 it was said in the movies that he kids did get out of the factory so that eliminates that theory

  • eve doss
    eve doss  3 days ago

    I thought in the book it said Willy Wonka said he wanted to see who wasn't a spoiled brat and that's why he let them do that. LMAO and in the end they all walk out, they were fucked up, but they all walked out. Though, in the remake (and I think in the book) the chocolate kid was eating himself and saying he was delicious.

  • Evan Blenkinsopp
    Evan Blenkinsopp  3 days ago

    Yeah, that Home Alone / Saw one was a pretty big reach.
    John Kramer lost his unborn son because of a drug addict who caused his wife to miscarry, and then his own cancer diagnosis happened, and then his failed suicide attempt caused him to reevaluate his life, and gave his own life purpose.

  • Ken Fresno
    Ken Fresno  3 days ago

    The continuum transfunctioner from Dude Where's My Car was how Thanos located all the Infinity Stones.

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke  3 days ago

    top 10 dark film theroies 10 rose and jack imaginary hm no carl saw him and paid him off and got his mate to tie him up and molly brown dressed him in her sons suit 90s 9 matt home alone saw ? hm no 00s 8 grease yeah makes sense 70s but 4 my memory she didnt 7 Wendy died so peter pan is a grim reaper 40s hm no 6 toy story 90s etc hm good idea but too dark 4 kids film 5 back to the future 80s good point he wont read martys prediction 4 willy wonka hm odd therory 70s but no r dahl wouldnt write against kids not even bad ones 3 wizard of oz hm i say glinda was the bad witch not elphaba but against the wicked witch and used dorothy as a pawn ignore wicked glinda wanted to take over oz the wicked witch wasnt nice and hurt the scarecrow but she had a illness just a thought due to the red shoes and the wizard leaves dorothy in oz glinda tells her about the shoes the scarecrow cottons on a week after dot goes that glinda set her up 30s 😁2 toad of toad hall had adhd early known of he is always in trouble tv more than movie there was a film of it 90s 1 pooh i got a therory that Christopher robin had all quatlies as a kid that his imaginery friends had 10s pooh obesity later life due to overeating as a kid eeyroye depression tigger adhd piglet anxiety just a thought ignore the recent pooh film nobody should see imaingery friends

  • Calvin Gillespie
    Calvin Gillespie  3 days ago

    My class and I made a theory that Jack from Titanic and The Great Gatsby are the same person. Both movies happen near the same time period.

  • XX_IronSights_XX
    XX_IronSights_XX  4 days ago

    The last one is wrong because all the kids walk out at the end of the movie there not dead