$265 Copart WIN!!!! Cheapest Copart Car!!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds  a years ago +11

    Check out Weird Beard here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCohg7i-w1bCGtgyCG1Kco2Q

  • Christian Garay
    Christian Garay  3 days ago


  • jonny fort king
    jonny fort king  7 days ago


  • Robert Medina
    Robert Medina  7 days ago

    Win Win!!

  • Modussar Rizvi
    Modussar Rizvi  14 days ago


  • Jim Jackle
    Jim Jackle  14 days ago +11

    He obviously works for copart, because I've never seen them let a car like that go for 150 dollars. They did this for Copart advertising

  • Dontay Martinez
    Dontay Martinez  21 days ago +1


  • n kn
    n kn  21 days ago +1

    Who buys a caddie with the worst engine ever

  • Epic
    Epic  21 days ago

    No one else bid on this because the car is a piece of shit. Even if you do manage to repair this, you won't even make a profit.

  • mike luther
    mike luther  28 days ago

    So you brought a bunch of zip ties but couldn't charge the jump pack?

  • Jeff Matherne
    Jeff Matherne  a months ago

    I just don't understand why you repeat yourself 800 times! Your videos would be more entertaining if there was far less talk, more doing, and less posturing overall!

  • NYC_Streets718
    NYC_Streets718  a months ago

    I love those deals! Just got a win on a BMW Z3 from 96th for 863, more expensive, but it's almost a classic) the cheapest car I ever bought yet!

    SNYDAMAAN  a months ago

    To put this in perspective this is how much I pay each month on a Fiesta ST I bought new.

  • Justin McCoy
    Justin McCoy  a months ago

    Did i see a nail in the sidewall of the tire at 6:10?

  • James Willis
    James Willis  a months ago +1

    Zip ties and duct tape, we will drive it home...

  • Jamie Mullen
    Jamie Mullen  a months ago

    Ill give you your money back on it. Lolol
    Great deal.

  • Hot Dog kauser
    Hot Dog kauser  2 months ago

    Gms are notorious for everything . Great time up . They say you can't sell for profit they ought to have a time limit .

  • Hot Dog kauser
    Hot Dog kauser  2 months ago

    I have some ideas for that cheap Cadillac.

  • Mike Schiavoni
    Mike Schiavoni  2 months ago

    The parking brake on this car is retarded. Plus if you have it on and go to drive off its super ez to brake the e brake cable.

  • Jordan S
    Jordan S  2 months ago

    Honestly, worth more in parts alone