$265 Copart WIN!!!! Cheapest Copart Car!!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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  • John caldwell  6 months ago

    that's because cadillac is a peace of junk.i wouldn't buy a cadillac.no matter what body style

  • JARRAH OKAL  6 months ago

    In which state you are

  • Choley Grace  7 months ago

    Forklift guy is getting a little too confident

  • JA VI  4 months ago

    Choley Grace give me your number beautiful

  • Mark Donahey  4 months ago

    Coming in hot!!

  • VoloKin Project  7 months ago

    Man, an average phone costs $800 these days so that's a mega deal you got right there.

  • That Dude  1 months ago

    A Good Headphone Costs More Than That!

  • Chanse Augustine  7 months ago

    Those dashes are notorious for cracking right there

  • Michael Laverty  4 months ago

    Bro you actually brought a dead booster pack with you ? Wow your a real wizbanger right !!

  • Max Lambert  7 months ago

    Dude I would buy that car for $265 just to put it in my backyard and shoot at it with a rifle. the tires alone are probably worth that much. HUGE WINLove your channel Randy, one of the few authentic car channels left on youtube along with boostedboiz, cleetus and goonzquaddont powerwash the Cadillac engine though LOL

  • TK's Garage  7 months ago

    Throw a cheap android tablet in it for a head unit lol

  • 0xsergy  5 months ago

    @Auto Auction Rebuilds Not lol, way better than a regular head unit and you may as well now that it's all gone.

  • Phillip G  6 months ago

    @StupidRalph Thanks

  • julio martinez  7 months ago

    Was that fork lift seen in real time ?? Looked like in FF

  • That was real time. He was moving.

  • Steal!!!!!!

  • Weird Beard keep up the great work with Randy! You guys are killing it!

  • Weird Beard  7 months ago

    Big Al's Bike & Auto love your channel man

  • Jacob p1223  5 months ago

    lol 200000 miles and thousands in damage what a great deal!