😂😂😂The Autobiography of Navv Greene with Karlous Miller and Clayton English

  • Published on:  Friday, January 28, 2022
  • On this super classic episode Navv Greene presents his autobiography in podcast form but before all that, Karlous Miller and Clayton English break down some of today’s hottest topics in the skreets.

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    The crew have to recap what happened with Rick Ross walking off the set and that quickly leads them to talking about the all powerful chicken wing and the recent chicken wing shortage. In the midst of the shortage, Taco Bell released its own Chicken Wings and the crew break down the madness. Apparently, the price of chicken wings has reached its highest price yet at Navv’s favorite restaurant - American deli. Then the crew ponder inflation.

    Later, Karlous begins to create a masterful list of great independent Black films and transitions into how Florida Evans was probably the villain of Good Times. This is a super nostalgic episode and the crew looks back at being in school and having to go to detention and ISS. Remember when the punishment was “ we gone take away that game?” Well the crew does and they reminisce about video games while looking ahead to virtual reality and the meta verse.

    Karlous continues to hilariously break down some of LL Cool J’s lyrics then Navv begins to tell the story of his life. From school plays to winning Yo Momma on MTV. If you love Navv this the episode for you.

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