The Hobbit (Calm Ambient Mix by Syneptic) | Episode II

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 22, 2017
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    00:00 – 01:24 | On The Doorstep
    01:24 – 02:11 | The Hunters (Extended Edition)
    02:11 – 02:58 | In the Shadow of the Mountain
    02:58 – 07:08 | Courage And Wisdom
    07:08 – 07:30 | The Courage of Hobbits
    07:30 – 07:51 | On The Doorstep
    07:51 – 08:37 | A Thief In The Night
    08:37 – 09:37 | The House of Beorn (Extended Version)
    09:37 – 10:09 | Brass Buttons
    10:09 – 10:24 | Barrels Out of Bound
    10:24 – 11:26 | Old Friends (Extended Version)
    11:26 – 13:37 | There And Back Again
    13:37 – 17:11 | The Return Journey
    17:11 – 18:58 | Dreaming of Bag End
    18:58 – 19:24 | The Adventure Begins
    19:24 – 20:24 | A Very Respectable Hobbit (Exclusive Bonus Track)
    20:24 – 20:42 | The Hill of Sorcery
    20:42 – 24:10 | The White Council (Extended Version)
    24:10 – 24:24 | Fire And Water
    24:24 – 24:49 | Proctector of the Common Folk
    24:49 – 25:25 | Radagast the Brown (Extended Version)
    25:25 – 27:19 | Kingsfoil
    27:19 – 27:44 | The Quest for Erebor
    27:44 – 28:05 | An Unexpected Party (Extended Version)
    28:05 – 29:42 | Misty Mountains
    29:42 – 31:39 | Feast of Starlight
    31:39 – 32:17 | Flies and Spiders (Extended Version)
    32:17 – 35:11 | Shores Of The Long Lake
    35:11 – 36:21 | The Ruins Of Dale
    36:21 – 37:18 | Ironfoot
    37:18 – 38:08 | The Woodland Realm (Extended Version)
    38:08 – 38:54 | Girion, Lord of Dale (Extended Version)
    38:54 – 39:27 | Ravenhill
    39:27 – 39:59 | The Fallen
    39:59 – 43:42 | The Darkest Hour
    43:42 – 45:23 | Over Hill
    45:23 – 48:03 | Beyond the Forest
    48:03 – 50:25 | Axe or Sword
    50:25 – 51:20 | Moon Runes (Extended Version)
    51:20 – 52:43 | The Hidden Valley
    52:43 – 54:38 | The Dwarf Lords (Exclusive Bonus Track)
    54:38 – 55:53 | My Dear Frodo
    55:53 – 56:16 | A Good Omen
    56:16 – 57:56 | Old Friends (Extended Version)

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  • Syneptic
    Syneptic  5 months ago +352

    As you might have noticed, the Lord of the Rings Mix has been disabled for some reason. I didn‘t get a notification or email and it‘s still showing up as publicly accessible on my YouTube Video Editor page.
    Either way, it doesn‘t look good for the video. I‘m contacting YouTube about it.

    Meanwhile, all mixes (including the Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings) are still available on SoundCloud:

    Lord of the Rings Mix:

  • Harsh Jones
    Harsh Jones  3 hours ago +1

    From 0:00 to 3:57, it tells the story of the realisation of hope and dreams finally coming true. The love and determination that kept them going. And the sorrow of the years that passed and the loved ones that went to the grand Temple above. This is how this music spoke to me.

  • Mitchell Mitting
    Mitchell Mitting  16 hours ago

    I get that people were not as liking as the Hobbit then Lord of the Rings, and there are good reasons for it. But I for one, don't look at the bad decisions or issues, I look at what it did best, and there is a decent amount of stuff that in hindsight, was quite great .

  • Wusch Wusul
    Wusch Wusul  yesterday

    30:18 ❤️

  • Rosa' Dominique'
    Rosa' Dominique'  3 days ago


  • Rachel Knodel
    Rachel Knodel  4 days ago +6

    I grew up reading and watching LOTR and The Hobbit. Hearing this music reminds me of some of the best parts of my childhood. My cousins and I used to run through the woods behind their house and pretend we were Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli trying to find the hobbits. When I was bullied in school and had no friends, I'd curl up with a LOTR book and get lost in a fantasy world. My family isn't close, but we would watch LOTR together. And when I was seven, I dressed up as Éowyn for halloween.

    My dream is to travel to New Zealand with this mix playing as I wander through "Middle Earth"

  • Mr. dopoulopoulopoulos

    fade in fade out fade in fade out fade in fade out fade in fade out fade in fade out

  • citruak
    citruak  4 days ago +1


  • SerkanSai
    SerkanSai  5 days ago


  • Lincolnpark Claiborne

    It's Big kiff!!!!😉

  • Tranquil Dreams
    Tranquil Dreams  7 days ago

    Okay. I'm just gonna be deep here so skip or read if you want.

    It is known by now that without peace, there is no war. And without war, there is no peace.
    Many of us nowadays are bored of the way our life is right now. The corruption going on with power being handed around like a torch, with lies coming from those who have more advantage, the clear boundary between the rich and poor, and people being determined by their education, status, money, and race instead of who they actually are as a human being and being treated like one. Life is a never ending struggle as many knows. There are ways others cope with those difficulties. Be it dreaming to be in a different reality, or continuously fighting until they achieve their goal. The society isn't perfect. In fact, its more corrupted than perfect. People being deemed whether or not they are worthy by their education and their status, followed by money and race. The young ones being treated like items or tools used just to satisfy their parents' dreams instead of being seen like an actual human until they themselves reach an appropriate age. The separation of roles into two genders, instead of more than two. Fighting to be accepted and heard in society, to make a life count. What was once supposed to protect us now became the powerful ones game. Even going as far as chaining what has been with the human race since the beginning of their "creation". Something such as eternal peace cannot exist. There is no balance. The good and bad needs to cancel each other out to sustain life. To make what ever this monochrome life keep what ever color is left within. It's okay to long to live in a different world. A different reality. A different society. After all, isn't it dreaming that what made us humans the way we are today? Even if its bad? I often think about such things. What it would be like, had some figures we know today, had never risen. What would it be like had some events not occurred. Some are appreciative of this life. Others aren't. Which is okay and understandable. But whoever said no one can be both? Embrace human nature. Some of us may find it more helpful and reassuring.

  • Egor Electionaire
    Egor Electionaire  7 days ago +11

    What did the librarian tell her son to do?

    Read more

  • Bastian Barx
    Bastian Barx  7 days ago +5

    at night when I can't sleep. Knowing everything will be fineWhere are all my fellow LOTR/Hobbit fans at these days? Any fan clubs or groups

  • Philippe Cirse
    Philippe Cirse  7 days ago

    It's as beautiful as the chance meeting of a dessert spoon impregnated with chocolate and a plastic bottle without a protective cap, on the edge of a devastated heath covered with ryegrass following a succession of bad weather caused by a depression coming from northern Europa !

  • carlos romero
    carlos romero  7 days ago

    Ilove this music wondefull

  • Boar God
    Boar God  7 days ago +2

    We are lost precious. GOLLUM GOLLUM
    Thief Bagginses stole the precious, we hates it

  • Olivia T
    Olivia T  7 days ago +1

    Just closing my eyes and getting full body chills

  • Ben Foster
    Ben Foster  7 days ago

    It's a shame they made 3 films instead of 2. If only because it mucked about with the pacing and story telling of the soundtrack. Howard Shore would have made another symphony but extending the films to 3 meant he needed to dragout the soundtrack longer than it needed. It's meant that yes there good individual tracks, but unlike LotR it's not one brilliant storytelling peice in it's own right

  • Krogg Fashe
    Krogg Fashe  7 days ago

    Potato! Potato in the comment! Potato!

  • Classicpork156
    Classicpork156  7 days ago +1

    This track along with the rest helps me sleep at night. A difficult task for me. I thank you my friend