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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 31, 2018
  • San Francisco Union Square Apple Store is amazing!!► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:🎶 MUSIC I USE - BE MY FRIEND: iJustine📷 CAMERAS I USE:Sony A7s ii - A7 iii - rx100 v5 - Hero 7 - ONE X -


  • Lightning962
    Lightning962  a years ago +280

    The guy that stuck his tongue out LOL 4:15

  • Aishwarya Net
    Aishwarya Net  a years ago +146

    You know the iPhone X is good when you can't even tell when Justine switched vlogging from camera to the iPhone...

  • PL Cote
    PL Cote  a years ago +43

    Soooo...... you have to go up the stairs, in the middle of the night, in the dark, just to go pee ? Oh Hell NO

  • Barbie Barrios
    Barbie Barrios  a years ago +98

    The Apple Store is Amazing and comments with love, Justine 💕😍

  • Matt Guardiola
    Matt Guardiola  a years ago +922

    That store is crazy!! I love how Justine can switch from being a vlogger to a tech reviewer to a cooking channel to really anything she wants. A woman of many talents💁‍♀️. Justine you are a creator I aspire to be like!!

  • Michael DeVito
    Michael DeVito  a years ago +16

    You gotta come to the apple store in Chicago, its all glass, right along the river, absolutely breath taking

  • Aishwarya Net
    Aishwarya Net  a years ago +87

    1. That hotel was a hot mess.
    2. You should live in SF, given how much you love tech and Apple
    3. 0:49 I wonder how long it took Justine to film these 6 seconds of footage ❤
    4. Love that you fly Economy and not First Class?!
    5. You know the iPhone X is good when you can't even tell when Justine switched vlogging from camera to the iPhone.....

  • Cooper Sanders
    Cooper Sanders  a years ago +49

    I love how positive you are! You left your camera in the uber, got a hotel room that wasn't the same, and you wanted to see art but the museum was closed and you stayed positive the entire time! Great vid!

  • Amy Frazier
    Amy Frazier  a years ago +86

    That’s a really cool hotel room I’ve never seen one split in half like that that’s crazy

  • Alfie Tankard
    Alfie Tankard  a years ago +97

    Who saw the man at 4:20 stick his toung out

  • 「Zimaad xD」
    「Zimaad xD」  a years ago +16

    4:20 that man was like😂😂😂😂😂😂

    TECH GANG  a years ago +20

    First Time Hearing "Fleek" In 2018!

  • Thabiso Matako
    Thabiso Matako  9 months ago +3

    I honestly wish one day you would take me to an apple store and spoil like hell.
    I just enjoy every time you say ''I AM GOING TO AN APPLE STORE''.

  • Rizwan Anjum
    Rizwan Anjum  4 months ago +1

    All hail uber driver man 👨 Z(actually super man ) 🥳🥳🥳🤯🤯🤯🤲😼👐🏼🤲🤲👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ari S.
    Ari S.  a years ago +3

    \ i went to san fran for thanksgiving and got my new Iphone 8 at that Apple store! so happy. luv u Justine!!!

  • Wil Hellstedt
    Wil Hellstedt  4 months ago +1

    @iJustine what do you use to edit?
    Btw love your vids!!

  • c'est Lucille
    c'est Lucille  a years ago +4


  • RJ
    RJ  a years ago +1

    i watch you since 2010
    and i can say honestly.
    this was one of your best videos.
    greatly editing. and good chose of song on the end.

  • Tanmay Thakur
    Tanmay Thakur  a years ago +192

    That man at 4:19. 😂😂

  • Carlee Murphy
    Carlee Murphy  1 months ago +2

    Did anyone else see the dude that stuck out his tongue when she went to the second level of the apple store