Breaking "Global Volcanos ERUPT" Mike From Around The World (5 Waves Of Energy)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2019
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  • Jacob Goldfarb
    Jacob Goldfarb  1 months ago +52

    i wanna rededicate repent of my sins confesses my sins to god. And break every chain.

  • James Shaw
    James Shaw  1 months ago +110

    People PLEASE DON'T BE IN CROWDS. It's not worth it. Be SAFE, be prepared. Know your surroundings at all TIMES. Don't go out at NIGHT ALONE. TIMES have CHANGED. GOD bless you and your family and friends.

  • Daniel Downs
    Daniel Downs  1 months ago +21

    Get Iodine in your body for a healthy thyroid to handle the effects of radiation.

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller  1 months ago +42

    I pretty much live on youtube now lol, God bless you guys

  • Kimberly Daniels
    Kimberly Daniels  1 months ago +13

    I repent of my sins. Father God forgive me.

  • Unseen Apex
    Unseen Apex  1 months ago +27

    Mike from around the world is my absolute favorite speaker, thank you and pastor Paul..God bless.

  • Jet Set
    Jet Set  1 months ago +21

    That photo was supposed to be accompanied by an email but that is not being mentioned anymore. Idk but I’m feeling strung along.

  • Becky Smith
    Becky Smith  1 months ago +11

    I love you voice Pastor Paul!! Love the song “theres holes in the floor of heaven,” and your angel song... they’re all good!!

  • Time
    Time  1 months ago +15

    I did not get this until this morning but watching now with my coffee. ☕️ Good morning

  • Philip Georgiou
    Philip Georgiou  1 months ago +15

    Morning to all & my our lord Jesus Christ be with us all way's to guide us & product us Aman

  • Lois Steele
    Lois Steele  1 months ago +7

    I saw it for a second the first time you talked about or God revealed it. It looked like the earth with wave all around it. But I had a dream months ago the earth was shaking I was far above it, I screamed please Lord no. Then this huge hand rested over the earth and the shaking calmed pray everyone pray.

  • Marisol Pearls
    Marisol Pearls  1 months ago +33

    Hahaha! You would rather watch grass grow then watch Mueller's testimony. Us too!! 😁👍

  • YIshis Lassie
    YIshis Lassie  1 months ago +7

    "I'd rather watch paint dry with my sunglasses on." Hahahahaha!!! Exactly how I felt &; >

  • GoodNewsWatchman
    GoodNewsWatchman  1 months ago +24

    If you cant show us don’t bring it up lol for a supporter of yours just a little constructive criticism

  • awoke Ward
    awoke Ward  1 months ago +13

    Too many commercials? ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?

  • Veronica Rydr
    Veronica Rydr  1 months ago +13

    Thanks for putting Mike from around the world louder than usual cuz I hear him better and better understand God bless you mike from around the world stay sharp in Jesus name thank you Pastor Begley we love you you're naughty and the family

  • Free Radical
    Free Radical  1 months ago +5

    times up find yeshua now

  • Candice Witzkoske
    Candice Witzkoske  1 months ago +6

    New York will reap what they sow; infantacide!

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot  1 months ago +9

    @28:57 wouldn't hurt my feelings if we rounded up all muslins in the United States like we did the Japanese in ww2

  • sawman249
    sawman249  1 months ago +1

    Hmm well showering and got soap so when I have to kiss my but goodbye it’s clean