Anatomy of a makeover movie

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 29, 2015
  • Have you ever wondered why you love makeover movies so much? We broke down the best moments that happen in almost every makeover movie for you:

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  • lara
    lara  yesterday +1

    excuse me for wanting to see...glasses can be cure too

  • Verônica Araújo
    Verônica Araújo  7 days ago

    These movies are racist and misogynists. Period.

  • Candy Floofer
    Candy Floofer  7 days ago

    No matter if you are considered generally attractive or not I think the whole point is to take care of self both inside and out. It's important to feel better which makes you look better.

  • Andrew Byi
    Andrew Byi  14 days ago

    What about Dustin's temporary makeover in his last moments of season two of Stranger Things?

  • Mary helen Kirkland
    Mary helen Kirkland  14 days ago

    I take my glasses off when I get home from school so everyday is a makeover movie

  • Jarin
    Jarin  14 days ago

    The duff is so underrated

  • André Graciotti
    André Graciotti  14 days ago

    DUFF characters are still a regular trope to this day in movies about teenagers (and praised by the critics) like Lady Bird and Booksmart

  • Miah
    Miah  21 days ago

    I wear glasses to look hot lol

  • l u k a
    l u k a  1 months ago

    2:59, taylor swift?

  • Stephanie Heights
    Stephanie Heights  1 months ago +1

    10 times out of 10 the characters are already attractive before their makeover.

  • Demented Drawingz525
    Demented Drawingz525  1 months ago

    I came here to learn only to get insulted thanks a lot.

  • V D
    V D  1 months ago

    Is it just me that hates these makeover movies... Ughh so clichè and quixotic.

  • Arttective
    Arttective  1 months ago +1

    Yeah... As if Emma Watson wasn't already beautiful.

  • Lucy Danko
    Lucy Danko  1 months ago +1

    i think people love makeover movies because everyone wants to believe they're secretly beautiful and desirable

  • Alexandra Burrowes
    Alexandra Burrowes  1 months ago

    I got the exact opposite message from makeover movies that they are suggesting here. Like, if you wear glasses and don't pluck your eyebrows, you need to change, and if you're still plain after that, then God help you. I find the whole trope very toxic.

  • Fatima Magana
    Fatima Magana  1 months ago +1

    She looked way prettier with glasses

  • Vivi P
    Vivi P  1 months ago +1

    I’ve watched every movie they’ve mentioned in this video, idk if that’s a good or a bad thing

  • Anipanini
    Anipanini  1 months ago +3

    I have glasses

    Oh no I’ll never get married

  • Jade McL
    Jade McL  2 months ago

    I love glasses 💖

  • mile
    mile  2 months ago +2

    teenagers constantly want to be told that they are okay the way they are

    bro that hits home