Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 12, 2019
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  • astoldbyteviaa  (Mar 12, 2019))

    Cheeto sat on the counter looking at the dogs and ryland like: peasants, I would never.💁🏾‍♀️

  • Mackenzie Burgess  (Mar 26, 2019))

    i wanna be in a financial position to spend $1100 on novelty cat products

  • ahgaseNCTzen  (May 2, 2019))

    Smh true

  • monal Pattanaik  (Mar 29, 2019))

    I'm just sitting here watching a cat pee in an alien robot.description of a normal day in my life.

  • Anu Jegan  (Mar 28, 2019))

    Watching Ryland desperately trying to get the animals to drink from the fountain was hilarious 😂

  • Ob1iviate  (Apr 20, 2019))

    it was especially funny because he was using it himself to show😂

  • Scotia  (Apr 3, 2019))

    to be fair though... my cat refused to use the fountain I bought him for like 2 days. it makes a sound and he hated it. But now he won't drink plain standing water. ONLY fountain. Maybe cheeto just needed a few days to get used to the sound.

  • GALAXY PANDA  (Mar 23, 2019))

    I think Ryland is slowly going insane

  • Ditas Obien  (21 hours ago))

    *He already was*

  • Caroline Hope  (May 17, 2019))

    That’s what happens to pet owners when they really love their pets lol

  • Mari White  (Mar 12, 2019))

    Rylands logic for Cheeto "I saw other orange cats doing it too" LMAO

  • Rileigh Culhane  (Apr 30, 2019))


  • Sara Bellanger  (Apr 25, 2019))

    Lol yeah that was pretty cute I saw other orange cats doing it

  • Alexa Medina Rojas  (Mar 21, 2019))

    i like how ryland is like an obsesive mother that buys her kid everything.

  • Ember Rose  (Mar 23, 2019))

    Alexa Medina Rojas Honestly, a mood

  • Lunarifi  (Apr 2, 2019))

    Shane: You could have just gotten him food and he’d be happyMe: story of my life.

  • Marcela Briones  (Apr 30, 2019))

    Me when my boyfriend give me flowers instead of food... lol

  • Alexander Jordan  (Apr 27, 2019))

    Same, if I was Cheeto, he would’ve just had to get me Taco Bell and I’d be extremely happy

  • Ray Shell  (Apr 4, 2019))

    I have never seen 2 young men getting excited about a cat peeing. guys crack me up. Lol

  • Paige LaBray  (Apr 5, 2019))

    Imagine just being able to spend over $1000 on a cat and not have to worry about anything