United Nations Agency Praises XRP and Ripple. ErisX Approved By The CFTC.

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 1, 2019
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  • Mr Rippler
    Mr Rippler  1 months ago +86

    XRP to a much higher price in 2019 !! Thumbs up 👍🏻 if you agree!!! (There ya go haters no price prediction)

  • Max Demian
    Max Demian  1 months ago +9

    Ones a week i dream xrp on 50 $ and then i woke up :(

  • Thy Nguyen
    Thy Nguyen  1 months ago +13

    SBI to 10usd, moneygram +5-10usd, euro exim bank +5-10usd, domino effect (IMF central banks BIS western union)
    $50 per xrp.

  • Buzz Killer
    Buzz Killer  1 months ago +6

    Alex - for any country in the world to function commercially, THEY MUST FOLLOW THE LAWS CREATED with the UPU.. THIS IS HUGE

  • FamaSicura
    FamaSicura  1 months ago +3

    I'm tired of the "tether printing" myth... IT'S PRINTED BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE BUYING IT... WTF is so hard to understand about that??? The misinformed ranting about Tether is eye-rolling.. Otherwise I, typically, like the channel

  • Wally XRP
    Wally XRP  1 months ago +2

    Really enjoy when you do these short videos Alex. Thank you 🙏

  • The Martian Report
    The Martian Report  1 months ago

    Fantastic find Alex!

  • XRP Zealot
    XRP Zealot  1 months ago +2

    Man Nip U lation
    Bought more XRP Today! $333

  • Master Chevvy
    Master Chevvy  1 months ago +1

    Go ahead hype all day. xrp will never moon

  • Kat Loves Dogs
    Kat Loves Dogs  1 months ago

    Great vid Alex! Very informative 👌🏼🚀

  • Grumor Town
    Grumor Town  1 months ago +1

    One of your better short vids young Alex. 🤙🤙🤙

  • butterflytrader 1
    butterflytrader 1  1 months ago +10

    New Mantra for xrp :
    Bullrun for the end of the year 🥴

  • Scott Caruso
    Scott Caruso  1 months ago +1

    That is pretty big. Usually the govts tiptoe around xrp And just say crypto currency and use the same language as Ripple labs but to say xrp and show it in diagram that is big step :)

  • J Hobbs
    J Hobbs  1 months ago

    Had a dream I told my boss I had to go on and drag this mfer because XRP hit. 🤞

  • Tauseef Tariq
    Tauseef Tariq  1 months ago

    Smashed it. Finished it with a much needed reminder at the end. XRP is 0.38!

  • OjaiPunk
    OjaiPunk  1 months ago


  • Mr. Connector
    Mr. Connector  1 months ago

    Global Post offices may be how the unbanked will access the new system

  • CRYPTOrich G
    CRYPTOrich G  1 months ago

    Maybe it's, Crypto CON-fusiery?

  • Dave Clough
    Dave Clough  1 months ago

    thanks Alex. can't wait to see the volume increase on a daily basis.

  • Maximos Kanellias
    Maximos Kanellias  1 months ago

    but with no positive impact on xpr's price...