It's 5 A.M. and I haven't slept

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 15, 2018
  • A lofi mix for new beginnings...

    Part 1 "That 2 A.M. Fresh Air" here:

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    Songs are out of sync from 8 on wards, please bare with me while I fix ^.^
    0:01 1. Jordy Chandra - Will U Stay with me
    3:16 2. Aqualina - dawn
    6:02 3. arvnd - someone text me, i'm bored
    8:25 4. Baely -Beginnings
    10:27 5. surf blue - under the waves
    12:24 6. arvnd - you'll find a purpose someday
    15:05 7. sowfi - random thoughts
    17:37 8.
    20:08 9. baechulgi - limitations
    21:40 10. Barradeen - My Way
    23:31 11. BVG - wanna go get a crêpe
    25:31 12. Cristian Alejandro - Hotel Anxiety
    28:13 13. electricsheep42 - Hour Glass
    30:00 14. Ghostrifter Official - Midnight Stroll
    33:29 15. Ian James - saturday night rain
    35:10 16. isko - M3 GTR
    37:32 17. MujjO - those winter nights
    39:23 18. Ruko - Broken
    41:19 19. S T A T I C - Moving Day
    43:28 20. sowfi - Don't call me anymore
    47:26 21. Sunlight-91 - sorry if it's winter
    50:25 22. surf blue - islander
    53:14 23. zrr - Air & Space

    Artwork by the incredible Wren : @sleeprealms

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  • CrypticOutcast
    CrypticOutcast  yesterday

    It's 5 am, I indeed haven't slept, and I'm going to work in a few minutes.

  • TeaRex_844
    TeaRex_844  yesterday

    It's actually 5 AM on a monday for me and i get to wake up to chaos,but i savor the silence of the night before it erupts listening to such things as this.

  • cami manz
    cami manz  yesterday

    every all nighter leads me back to this

  • A R I E S
    A R I E S  yesterday

    5 am ..
    N O S L E E P ...

  • Alex Phan
    Alex Phan  2 days ago

    The start made me think of my actual alarm rip

  • Elvira
    Elvira  2 days ago +1

    i really needed to hear that

  • Tyrone Wilson
    Tyrone Wilson  2 days ago

    About 1:30am but the way this broken heart of mine keeps falling apart I don't think I'll be asleep anytime soon.

  • The Crusader
    The Crusader  3 days ago

    Not sleeping is dangerous, not because it's not good for you but because we get lost in our deepest, darkest thoughts for hours.

  • Abdallah J. Alkodah

    It's already 5 am!

  • tortoise
    tortoise  4 days ago

    no harm in being nocturnal

    the night is better anyways

    ever so quiet and peaceful.

  • Caleb Evans
    Caleb Evans  4 days ago

    If I fall asleep right now, no, right NOW... I'll get 2, wait no, 1 hour and ffffffiftyyy?? Nope. 45. Yeah that's right. *tick* wait no 44

  • Elle
    Elle  5 days ago

    I love how the phone animation is from That 2am Fresh Air... just noticed that :))

  • marius peškaitis

    its 12 am and i havent slept for 2 days , driking vodka , beer smoking cigarettes and listening to this fantastic music thinking about world and myself

  • Austin Starke
    Austin Starke  5 days ago +1

    Jesus, Furry culture has spread everywhere. Where is my shotgun? I've got some animals to bring behind the shed

  • Hex430
    Hex430  6 days ago

    "It's 5 A.M. and I haven't slept" Is like....
    actually me right now.

  • Happy Sun flower
    Happy Sun flower  6 days ago

    I just now realized the thing she/he/they are looking at is one of your other videos 🤦‍♀️

  • Susan Dunn
    Susan Dunn  6 days ago

    It late I need sleep 😴.I hope this music takes me to a magic place . We’re clouds ☁️ are soft as pillows . Were I can rest forget how my desires over take me sometime I cannot think .Confusion lust dust mist .Masturbation key 🔐 . 🤫.Sleep is what I hope I need

  • Jessica Stein
    Jessica Stein  6 days ago

    "It's morning already? I've been lost in thought!" Ah, why does that ring so true? I'll be up at 4am writing in my journal and staring out the window

    P.S. I like these tunes. They help me feel so calm and full of wonder.

  • Lija Thomas
    Lija Thomas  7 days ago

    Believe me or not exactly at 5:28am am watching this.

  • Adam Hultén
    Adam Hultén  7 days ago

    29:15 :)