WHY The *NEW* Double Barrel Is The WORST Shotgun in Fortnite Battle Royale

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • Today we get the brand new Shotgun in Fortnite and its... interesting...ly bad
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  • Lachlan
    Lachlan  4 months ago +2631

    Let me know what you guys think about the new shotgun. Personally i think its a little too situational for my liking and needs a range buff to consider swapping out for pump/heavy or green/blue tact!

  • Ernesto Alvendia

    thanks for the 5000 vbuks

  • Gucci Gang Snake
    Gucci Gang Snake  yesterday +1

    If you’re watching this in season 7 or 6 pump is the dominant shotgun.

  • The One and only

    Man you suck

  • Keegan Vilt
    Keegan Vilt  yesterday

    A P.C

  • Kyle W
    Kyle W  4 days ago

    8:43 scary mats

  • Alyssa Danielson
    Alyssa Danielson  6 days ago

    Whos watching when Lachy knows bunny good?

  • Alyssa Danielson
    Alyssa Danielson  6 days ago

    If somebody maked a Fortnite and PUBG combined game it would be realistic Fortnite with Cars (i know Fortnite has Quad crasher and Golf cart) and it would be called Pubnite

  • Vert Rex
    Vert Rex  6 days ago

    I think the spread should be reduced with pellet damage so you can’t do a one hit kill but with two hits you can kill at least one head shot and one body shot. Everyone complains that double pump is gone but giving this that allows you to two shot people but without the op part of double pump that gave you ten shots to kill someone

  • Ape Gaming
    Ape Gaming  7 days ago


  • lewis 1
    lewis 1  7 days ago

    RIP drum gun, you will be truly missed and hold a place in our hearts

  • Ray jr
    Ray jr  8 days ago

    your just trash with the gun
    Double barrel shotgun does the most damage in the gun

  • Mahabeaut Smitt
    Mahabeaut Smitt  8 days ago

    If he could actually hit all pellets instead of being inaccurate he would do much better with the double barrel

  • Trace Houghton
    Trace Houghton  8 days ago


  • Noscoper_ Gamer54

    Expectation: 150 damage. Reality: 15 damage

  • Mehmet cun
    Mehmet cun  8 days ago

    You are really shit iam Better than you

  • strange voices
    strange voices  8 days ago

    It is the worst because you cant use it. If you get a little bit closer the damage difference is huge compared to any other shotgun. Thats why the double barrel was the best shotgun until epic and legendary pump came out.

  • KillerAnime ‘
    KillerAnime ‘  9 days ago

    The double barrel is awesome and powerful if use correctly

  • The DOOM Slayer
    The DOOM Slayer  9 days ago

    Someone once told Me, no weapon is bad, you just gotta use them to the best of your ability best way possible in order to make the best out of the weapon.

  • Lulu
    Lulu  9 days ago

    its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad