New Year New MKBHD!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 2, 2018
  • 2018 is here! This is an update of how far things have come and where they're about to go...

    Video Gear I use:

    Intro Track: Disarm by Alltta



  • Abishayan Sivabalan
    Abishayan Sivabalan  8 months ago +3

    Anyone here at the end of 2018/start of 2019?

  • sjakkelino
    sjakkelino  9 months ago

    2:38 looked like you were about to use the mac pro like a bin. I mean I ain't complaining, I would definitely use it as a trash bin

  • CIBI G
    CIBI G  a years ago

    Whats the name of the intro music?? Anybody??

  • Dheeravath pawankalyan

    Marques sir please give me ur Netflix username and password !!send phone 7989920391

  • SunKissed
    SunKissed  a years ago

    Have you stopped reviewing laptops??? I've been searching so hard for a Matebook X Pro review from you... And Nothing sigh! Please do laptop comparisons....please!!!!

  • jacobspang21
    jacobspang21  a years ago

    LOL just came back to re watch this video, anyone notice the bricks in MKBHD's pants lol

  • Anthony Marshall. Martial


  • Rey Amit
    Rey Amit  a years ago

    Kidd bhd😎🤔

  • Hermish Wagner
    Hermish Wagner  a years ago

    Caught u on soloin

  • Derrin Paulraj
    Derrin Paulraj  a years ago

    nice tech video.

  • HappyFriand
    HappyFriand  a years ago

    где можно такого купить ?

  • Ammar Israr
    Ammar Israr  a years ago

    What software is used to make that intro?

  • George Enis
    George Enis  a years ago

    Seriously M. Brownlee you are the man!

  • SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha

    Damn i missed everything

  • Pilgrim's Progress

    What are you saying with your shirt?

  • Ciro Chiappero
    Ciro Chiappero  a years ago

    You TOTALLY earned my subscription with this video.
    The quality of photography in your channel is astonishing, truly remarkable!

  • Bitapan Sarkar
    Bitapan Sarkar  a years ago

    First time watching your video
    4K bro

  • iammilorex
    iammilorex  a years ago

    Basically: "At the end of last year Google interviewed me for a job. That wasn't even MY idea. It was an idea Google came to ME with."

    Already winning 2018.

  • Jay L Music
    Jay L Music  a years ago

    Your videos are so professional!