Copart $550 Win Reveal!! Sight Unseen + Hail Damaged!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
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  • 04Interc3ptorP71
    04Interc3ptorP71  1 months ago

    I bet the AC compressor locked up and that's why all the new parts. When compressors fail, they send garbage through the entire system requiring replacement. I bet the condenser is new too.The new serp belt was the giveaway because typically, they burn up the belt when they seize up.

  • luminazkidd21
    luminazkidd21  2 months ago

    Transmissions are trash everyone ive known to have one had trans issues

  • Jay T
    Jay T  2 months ago

    I’d like to start doing what you’re doing. I’d love that as my job

  • Jay T
    Jay T  2 months ago

    Yeah constructive criticism isn’t to bad

  • Jay T
    Jay T  2 months ago

    Yeah nice buy. But fix the gauges

  • Robert Wooten
    Robert Wooten  2 months ago

    Can you explain the rules and regulations of copart auctions?
    Like total cost to bring home a 90s to 2000 honda or small pick up truck

  • djongmaful
    djongmaful  3 months ago

    Look it up there is a way to reset the cluster I believe

  • Jonathan Gatto
    Jonathan Gatto  3 months ago

    How do you get a car because in Texas I need a broker!

  • WreckinEnt
    WreckinEnt  3 months ago

    Without question it's a steal $550 any day

  • Marc Bastien
    Marc Bastien  3 months ago

    I work for an insurance company....I total cars daily....I am curious!! Why do you love insurance cars?

  • BILL Desaulniers
    BILL Desaulniers  3 months ago

    Is this not UberMan?

  • Odey Abang
    Odey Abang  3 months ago

    Fix the cluster yourself and then flip

  • John Viola
    John Viola  3 months ago

    That's a WIN ! I'd repair the gages, but that's it.

  • Nino Ceballos
    Nino Ceballos  3 months ago

    Hey Randy you do what you have to do,if you lose or make money, I don't think you have to explain yourself!

  • Konstantin E
    Konstantin E  3 months ago

    How are you driving them right from the auction with salvage titles and no tags?

  • roy rogers
    roy rogers  3 months ago

    Haters have more problems than the one's they hate on. Haters need to be prayed for. LIVE, LOVE AND LET LIVE!

  • norbkowa
    norbkowa  3 months ago

    In those vehicles the cluster is plug and play from any GMT360. You can pit cluster from Bravada , Rainier, Saaband Envoy and they will work right away without any programming.

  • norbkowa
    norbkowa  3 months ago

    Great find. Those things will not break speed record bit they are strong. I had a 2004 Bravada and have 2 Saab 9-7x 4.2 and towed so many cars with Uhaul car transporters and all with the Vortec 4.2 I6. In todays world it is outdated vehicle but its build like a tank and very simple to fix.

  • stefano Chimini
    stefano Chimini  3 months ago

    Clean that carpet..

  • Rc Tycoons
    Rc Tycoons  3 months ago +1

    Bro thats a score! I gotta stop watching your videos or i'm gonna end up with a copart car lol I live in California though and I dont think we can get auction cars without being a dealer which i am not lol