Copart $550 Win Reveal!! Sight Unseen + Hail Damaged!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
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  • emarceau11  25 days ago

    Nah, u gotta fix the gauge cluster bro. It's the right thing to do..

  • Sonnywitdamoney  18 days ago

    I think mileage in these is not stored/recorded directly in the dash. The dash is just a display. Miles and important vehicle data is stored in the Ecm (prom chip?). At least that was the case in my corvette.

  • yamahonkawazuki  23 days ago

    @Rafael Arredondo just document the change to avoid a tmu

  • Uswin Wood  25 days ago

    I would say fix the cluster, Clean up the Interior and flip her dude.

  • FastGoKartGuru  22 days ago

    @Joe Justjoe man AAR is just a good channel. Plz don't argue, this vid has been out for a few days and we have been doing this to long.

  • Joe Justjoe  22 days ago

    @FastGoKartGuru Looks like Randy ends up owning (or losing on) all of the cars he buys at Copart too. Copart definitely an option if you want to "buy n hold." I thought Randy was a junk car swing trader though. My bad. I did get the "fact" that his Utube income is "suggested" if you want to try this shite at home using Randy's "techniques." :-)

  • SwedishGreyhound  25 days ago

    These cheap finds is what I like the most about your channel, great purchase.

  • Christy Cot  25 days ago

    Easiest clusters to fix yourself for lest than $10 brand new stepping motor on ebay are about 1.00 a piece

  • FastGoKartGuru  25 days ago

    Look up Jay smart on youtube. His magnet trick fixes every time

  • davemonkey0057  25 days ago

    use the magnet trick on the gauges , or the self test function , good as new buddy :D

  • TechnoMemeYT  23 days ago

    @Mark Friedman what

  • Mark Friedman  25 days ago

    @Boyd Mc I ju

  • CAMUI GACKT  25 days ago

    I live in Oklahoma and I love hail damaged car too. I bought 08 Prius for $1500, drove it 2 months and sold for $2700.

  • Larry Brown  25 days ago

    First?! Ha! Goodie, a video I can save for lunch!

  • Jonathan Hernandz  25 days ago

    Man I really like these type of videos randy!! Keep up the good work. Also you might want to fix the cluster gage

  • That was an excellent buy! I'm not a Chevy fan, but that Trailblazer is mechanically very solid.