Which Celebrity Has The Best Apple Pie Recipe?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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  • Tasty
    Tasty  9 months ago +489


  • Sara RC
    Sara RC  4 months ago +5585

    Did she really just say there's too much apple in an apple pie? I-

  • Neil Chavan
    Neil Chavan  5 months ago +2856

    Conspiracy: they get the most annoying people on the show to judge so the comment section can roast them and the cook doesn’t have to insult them himself.

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen  2 months ago +1178

    Who wants to really slap them?
    1 like=10 slaps for them

  • Taehyung's Noona
    Taehyung's Noona  4 months ago +1731

    "Too much apple!" …. I don't think you understand what a APPLE pie is..

  • Veda Kota
    Veda Kota  2 months ago +978

    This series would be worlds better if you got someone like Alvin, Alix, Rie, or really, any of the tasty producers to judge it. I sometimes feel like these judges are waaaaay too harsh and picky.

  • Savage Yoongi
    Savage Yoongi  4 months ago +2104

    Michael Symon: put a lot of moisture in the pie
    Girl: “it’s kinda dry”

  • StatusOverpowered
    StatusOverpowered  4 months ago +1330

    Man you gotta find better judges than this they roasted everyone but Gordon

  • Salma Abu-Naser
    Salma Abu-Naser  2 months ago +207

    * Its too much healthy *
    what did you expect? McDonald's?

  • Aila Teh
    Aila Teh  6 months ago +4036

    This honestly could’ve been such a great series...if only they didn’t have such terrible judges smh...

  • Natalie Reese
    Natalie Reese  4 months ago +2427

    “it’s not too spicy” girl what apple pie have you been eating?? 💀
    edit: yes people, i know there’s spices but i’ve never heard of cinnamon or nutmeg being called “spicy” as usually that means as in a hot pepper and not as in an apple pie, thanks for the insight

  • RustyTheAngryHyena
    RustyTheAngryHyena  3 months ago +483

    “It’s too much apple”
    A P P L E P I E

  • sister tea
    sister tea  5 months ago +576

    you can tell they randomly choose judges

  • Daniela Hernandez
    Daniela Hernandez  5 months ago +809

    I'm going to try putting Michelle Obama's apples into Gordon Ramsay's crust

  • Maksis Veģeris
    Maksis Veģeris  5 months ago +619

    3:11 "it's deffinetly not buttery"
    WHAT? they litteraly added cubes of butter in the pie!!

  • Jeannifer Isabel Dadole
    Jeannifer Isabel Dadole  4 months ago +347

    Judges be thinking they’re in a masterchef competition. For gods sake!!!

  • C. Harr
    C. Harr  3 months ago +201

    I hope they never stop this segment series; it’s funny and y’all are savages in the comments about the judges. Always makes me smile

  • YaltsYaBoi
    YaltsYaBoi  4 months ago +177

    Which celebrity has the best apple pie recipe?
    has pumpkins in the background


    That asian chick was the replacement for that beanie guy in that cookie video

  • Watermelon
    Watermelon  2 months ago +86

    These judges suck they obviously just choose whoever is in the office not doing much
    -puts a lot of moisture “too dry”
    -apple pie has too much apples
    -the list could go on