Walt Disney Song Collection v2.5

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 18, 2013


  • Mifflin  1 years ago

    For Mobile2:34 A Girl Worth Fighting For - Mulan5:01 A Spoonful of Sugar - MP9:09 A Star is Born - Hercules11:13 A Whole New World - Aladdin13:54 Arabian Nights - Aladdin15:13 Baby Mine - Dumbo17:19 Be Our Guest - B&B21:05 Be Prepared - TLK24:45 Bella Notte - L&T27:22 Belle - B&B32:32 Best Of Friends - F&H34:46 Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo - Cin 38:19 Can You Feel the Love Tonight - TLK41:17 Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Single) - TLK45:16 Candle on the Water - PD48:13 Chim Chim Cher-ee - MP...

  • Nathan Mulopo  2 months ago

    U're a hero 👌🏽

  • The Infamous G.S.  3 years ago

    You Sir, more than deserve a good long round of applause for the work you've done on this video, i'd say it's the definitive collection (minus a few exclusions) :D

  • GalaxyGamerDude I agree

  • kye 8125  1 years ago

    2:34 A Girl Worth Fighting For5:01 A Spoonful of Sugar11:13 A Whole New World38:19 Can You Feel The Love Tonight48:13 chim chim cheree1:11:07 feed the birds1:36:48 hakuna matata2:14:06 i just can't wait to be king2:24:35 i won't say3:34:35 part of your world3:55:13 reflection4:03:20 so this is love4:04:50 someday my prince will come4:17:28 strangers like me4:24:07 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious5:05:33 when she loved me5:24:45 you've got a friend in me

  • Nipponoma  2 years ago

    I am impressed with your technical skills and the time you dedicated to create this. I truly enjoyed this Disney collection. It was eclectic and covered years of my youth, my father's youth. and my sons youth. Thank for your time and your willingness to share a well made product. <3 <3 <3

  • 科更多  2 years ago

    love Disney songs so much~the video is so convenient to listen to them all in one~thank you very much

  • Playing this on the way to Disney World

  • hallie  2 years ago

    we love disney ; always :)

  • Ruhee Patkar  2 years ago

    It just now occurred to me that the songs are in alphabetical order. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I'm smart.

  • AnnotationJukebox  5 years ago

    v2.0 & v1.0 are both blocked worldwide.v2.5 is safe right now, I cannot speak for the future though.

  • Erin Beth Clark  2 years ago

    hi Deb's hm

  • Erin Beth Clark  2 years ago

    AnnotationJukebox HIMYM I have a good morning please do the needful for a while and it is a while back and it will take place on the needful for good reason the to do the rest is history

  • @AnnotationJukebox add The Rescuers - Tomorrow is Another Day :D one of the most underrated songs out there imo.