Big Bear Eagles ~ JACKIE CHASES OFF HAWKS/RAVENS! Simba's Mishap Almost Falls w/ SLO MO 7.16.19

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • Simba is looking around the nest to the left and finds a bone from Cookie's remains & picks it up & moves it. He drags a small piece to the back of the nest and then he looks up and sees two hawks or ravens flying over the nest at 3:14. Ravens are also seen flying past the nest. Jackie can be seen flying in low at 3:35 and we see her flying in a circle chasing them off & coming to land on the front limb! I included in regular time & slo mo beginning at 4:19 to see this better. Jackie flies off and Simba is watching her and goes towards the front branch and stumbles and loses his balance at 9:44. He recovers nicely and goes up to the high perch and flaps his wings - he really wanted to follow Mom today!! Simba's mishap is in slo mo as well. Simba is 93 days old - and may be going for a new record on being the oldest eaglet to fledge!! lol Simba will fledge when he is ready so no worries! ♥♥ Thank you for watching!Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk Big Bear eagle cam is located in Big Bear Lake, California.Special thanks to Friends of Big Bear Valley for this amazing cam!Watch live:


  • Frances Witham
    Frances Witham  1 months ago +20

    Don't mess with Jackie's baby.

  • Jeannine
    Jeannine  1 months ago +9

    Perfect learning curve for Simba. He sees how Mom protects the nest and drives away intruders. What an awesome Mom! Careful Simba, so glad you didn't fall. He too wants to help drive the intruders away, by squeeing and taking Mom's place on the branch. Great video Lady Hawk!

  • Furious Fucshia Goddess
    Furious Fucshia Goddess  1 months ago +22

    Oh wow!! What a great video. Mama Jackie is awesome and cute little Simba is venturing out farther and farther every day!!
    Did you all notice how Simba was dragging around poor Cookie at the beginning? Almost like he was wanting his bro to keep him company. Poor baby.

  • Beth Munden
    Beth Munden  1 months ago +16

    That's Shadow and Jackie's little guy 😍🦅💕😘

  • Shirley
    Shirley  1 months ago +13

    Outstanding, Jackie! Chases the threats to her eaglet and straight home to guard. Even though we don’t see them, Jackie and Shadow are always ready! Great save, Simba! You show greater skill everyday! Thanks so much for the captions and slo-mo! Always excellent videos and the greatest narratives!

  • Frances Witham
    Frances Witham  1 months ago +9

    Jackie is a magnificent eagle. Watching her climb and land on that perch gave me goosebumps. So beautiful 😍

  • RB
    RB  1 months ago +8

    The slo-mo fly in by Jackie is very cool. Being able to track her from Simba's perspective as she circles and flies in for a landing is fun to watch.

  • SoCal Eagle
    SoCal Eagle  1 months ago +12

    Woohoo, Lady Hawk..that was an exciting capture of Mom chasing those hawks to protect Simba! Beautiful flight to the nest by Mom and landing on her branch. I think Simba takes after Shadow when it comes to mishaps . LOL Great recovery:) Stay safe Simba and loved the scaps..woohoo! TY:)

  • BrendaAnne
    BrendaAnne  1 months ago +8

    AMAZING video!!
    Momma "Don't you even"...literally chases them out of town!! 👏👏
    Great save Simba!! He got to watch his momma in action!! He watched VERY intently. ❤

  • D Stew
    D Stew  1 months ago +9

    Jackie is the best Mom... love this eagle family. Beautiful shot of Jackie’s huge talons grabbing onto the tree branch.

  • FlyFree QHrt
    FlyFree QHrt  1 months ago +5

    Simba can scurry around that nest pretty darn fast. Jumping on branches all over the place, he's going to fledge pretty soon I can feel it. Good Footage LH!!

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon  1 months ago +6

    Jackie's Killer Instict!!

  • Osprey Momma
    Osprey Momma  1 months ago +7

    👍🤚good job mom chasing off the 2 hawks and Simba excellent recover from slip. Thanks for sharing have a good day take care 👍

  • karen johnson
    karen johnson  1 months ago +6

    Another amazing video! Jackie on protection duty as always. She doesn’t mess around. Simba did a great save, didn’t fall off the balance beam! 😃🦅❤️

  • Quiet Eagle
    Quiet Eagle  1 months ago +5

    Simba has it made. Has a home, regular food delivery, protection and even has a great view! Can't blame him for staying a bit longer and enjoying it all. TY Lady hawk.

  • Tom White
    Tom White  1 months ago +6

    She’s such a great mom all in a days job of protector and provider. Simba I think would have gave them a run for the money lol

  • Nancy Lee
    Nancy Lee  1 months ago +4

    Yep and he has Cookie on the move again. Must be comforting

  • DeeJay 4
    DeeJay 4  1 months ago +4

    Simba is a character (lovable) and a good housekeeper too - brazen hawks tho - Jackie did a great job in sending them off. Nice balance there Simba - you got it boy!! Eerie background vocals too. Thanx LH - your vids are so great with both normal and slo mo and the arrows too - sure helps us watchers keep track.

  • Wendy Gulley
    Wendy Gulley  1 months ago +3

    Mum to the rescue. She is never far away, always keeping her eagle eye on her offspring making sure he's safe. Great recovery from misstep Simba.

  • Ms Dee
    Ms Dee  1 months ago +4

    That's right! Don't mess with Mama's Simba!