The 🍎 Ecosystem: Explained!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 7, 2018
  • Why we can't stop using iPhones.

    iPhone X Review:

    Apple HomePod Review:

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  • sunnynina!
    sunnynina!  10 hours ago +1

    He made it sound like a Cult 💀

  • Foxy Plays
    Foxy Plays  12 hours ago

    I prefer apple mainly for its security. I feel Android is just a lot less secure. Yes it’s expensive but I make enough to get them so I just get them. I do use android sometimes and own an amazon echo dot but for my watch, phone, laptop, computer, tablet, and monitor I like to use apple. They have good hardware and good security but I’m not completely locked into their eco system. I just prefer my privacy and security not being sold to advertisers and am willing to pay an upward for it. One of the reason android phones are cheaper is because they sell your data. (Most likely. I didn’t bother fact checking that but it seems it could be a reason.)

  • Troy H.
    Troy H.  16 hours ago

    Everyone loves the ecosystem until their iPad at home reveals something they don't want revealed to a loved one

  • James Kimani
    James Kimani  22 hours ago

    😂😂😂this is only in America

  • OasisofBeauty
    OasisofBeauty  22 hours ago

    OMG this video explains exactly how I felt when I had iPhones. I only had 2 iPhones for about 4 years and I had so much music on imusic. Then they switched it to a paid subscription and I lost everything. I was considering MacBook and everything. But I felt so limited to only apple while I had the phone then the pixel came out and I absolutely love it. Im still using my pixel with no lag and glitches like when I had iPhones. And all my apps and everything work with so many different phones. I use two Android phones. I'm sad I lost all my content from apple but I feel a lot freer now. This was such a perfect explanation.

  • Dumb Ducky
    Dumb Ducky  yesterday

    I consider myself an Apple war vet but now I'm a Pixel person.

  • charbel kerbaj
    charbel kerbaj  yesterday

    so im thinking of but an iphone right is alright to have a windows laptop and as an example Skull candy wireless headphones or JBL steros u know not apple products would that still be considered to be in the apple ecosystem

  • Umar Marsh
    Umar Marsh  2 days ago

    Talk about punching with velvet gloves beneath which are brass knuckles.

  • Everyone wears a mask

    "Dat ecosystem tho" - Marques Brownlee, 2018

  • Angel Maldonado
    Angel Maldonado  2 days ago

    Samsung Ecosystem is WAY better than any other system. 💯

  • Roasted Spooks
    Roasted Spooks  2 days ago

    The reason I can’t leave the Apple ecosystem is because I already used money on the App Store XD

  • no one
    no one  2 days ago

    First you need to have every device you use made by apple which is crazy expensive.

  • 软件实验室
    软件实验室  2 days ago

    I'm using an android (just don't like iPhone) but i use mbp and iPad

  • tb Kitty
    tb Kitty  2 days ago

    iMessage so nice tho

  • mak c
    mak c  2 days ago

    FUK U

  • Hannes Rodriguez
    Hannes Rodriguez  3 days ago

    So I shouldn't get an iPhone just because it pairs with my computer and is pretty good anyway. In the market for a new phone and i dont know what to do imessage and icloud are so nice, but android phones are hella good.

  • chandransh pandey

    Just save money guys and stop wasting lot of money in tech. Save for the future and save for better things.

  • Jack -X
    Jack -X  3 days ago

    Whys this dude wearing a white power shirt?

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel  4 days ago

    Brahhh yeah I mean 🙄 apple got all the
    A for any apple phone but just you wait there will be something way better with the Android phones you just wait and I love ANDROID!!!!

  • Vick Patel
    Vick Patel  4 days ago

    Best video you ever made brother. 👍