Could You Survive A Nuclear Blast?

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 23, 2018
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  • Ahmed Ruby
    Ahmed Ruby  a years ago +446

    The real question is, do I really want to survive the nuclear blast?

  • Sean Barry
    Sean Barry  a years ago +1131

    I love... Jakes wierd... spacing

  • NomTacoCat
    NomTacoCat  a years ago +207

    "Nuclear Dongs" -Jake 2018

  • EmLju
    EmLju  a years ago +457

    Only from inside a refrigerator.

  • D!NG
    D!NG  a years ago +889

    I may have mispronounced Chagan. If so sorry Kazakhstan!

  • KA M
    KA M  a years ago +113

    I like to plan ahead, so I've fashioned myself a suit of armour made of cockroaches so that I'll be safe during the inevitable nuclear blast.

  • Kostas The SadKeftes
    Kostas The SadKeftes  a years ago +132

    D O W N E R D O N G

  • TheDeadOfNight37
    TheDeadOfNight37  a years ago +175

    0:07 rofl whoever edited that in is now my favorite person

  • Redokeo
    Redokeo  a years ago +32

    Uh yea RadAway

  • Software Man
    Software Man  a years ago +527

    Could You Survive A Nuclear Blast?
    only if i am a cockroach

  • Andrew Kovnat
    Andrew Kovnat  a years ago +235

    By the way, the bomb footage at 3:12 is an animation, not actual footage from the tsar bomba detonation.
    Keep ya eyes peeled, folks.

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.  a years ago +481

    Oh course I could, I'd just turn into a ghoul

  • Reed Miguez
    Reed Miguez  a years ago +22

    oh boy, another reminder that total atomic annihilation is a possibility in this day in age

  • FTC Clan
    FTC Clan  a years ago +37

    It’s really sad that we have to worry about these things. I just want a peaceful world where everyone gets along.

  • Chloe Harb
    Chloe Harb  a years ago +9

    So today in social studies, we were talking about nuclear bombs and the shelters in our area from the Cold War. My teacher was trying to zoom in to show our school and that our basement is a bomb shelter but he accidentally said, “Let’s blow this up.”

  • seasong
    seasong  a years ago +67

    I do have a fridge so yes

  • Erin Whyte
    Erin Whyte  a years ago +10

    i'm distracted from the content of this video by the way he inserts a pause before the end of each he's approaching the peak of a speech pattern rollercoaster and zooming back down

  • Deutscher Staatsbürger
    Deutscher Staatsbürger  a years ago +49

    1. get into a fridge
    2. Wait
    3. Hope you don't land on the door
    4. ???
    5. Profit

  • Rein
    Rein  a years ago +21

    Don't forget to nuke that like button!