Now That He's Exercising, Kumail Nanjiani Has Never Felt Worse About Himself

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019
  • Kumail Nanjiani chatted with Ellen about his new movie "Stuber," and how his co-star and former pro wrestler Dave Bautista got him to start working out. But the comedian admitted that now that he's in better shape and works out regularly, he's never felt more miserable in his life.#KumailNanjiani#TheEllenShow#Ellen


  • Abigail  1 months ago

    kumail: "I don't like it because it's painful" 😐

  • Jellowilleatyou  10 days ago

    Ellen: "Have some water"

  • Rafael artiga  10 days ago

    Then everybody waits 😄😄 genius

  • Colin McKenna  1 months ago

    Im not angry I’m thirsty

  • Chuck Wettish  1 months ago

    Such truth.

  • Unquiet Grave  1 months ago

    I can see the results of him working out, dude's got bigger arms and his chest fills his shirt better.

  • Ajay Choudhary  1 months ago

    Ellen - So tell us something about the movie.Kumail - *Starts his Ted talk*

  • Ajay Choudhary  1 months ago

    @DOPEMAN yes it does count. :)

  • DOPEMAN  1 months ago

    @Ajay Choudhary either way, it was hilarious! that's what count 😉

  • Captain Jack  1 months ago

    ANYBODY Remember him saying " all the SHADES OF YOUR MOTHER'S LIPSTICK"

  • MrsBungle78  6 days ago

    😂 Yep!

  • Ali Asghar  9 days ago


  • van bewley  1 months ago

    He’s totally right about chronic dehydration among adult males

  • Dndneneje Eehehehe  1 months ago

    I’ve never met a man who has a problem with water.

  • webdevnoob  1 months ago

    "You need some water. Have some water." Dead. Lol

  • furmal86  1 months ago

    hence proved all men are thirsty :P

  • Khushboo Pidiyar  1 months ago

    Finally someone being honest about workouts.

  • CaptainAMAZINGGG  1 months ago

    @Nick Smith slipknot is not just music to me <3 my heart will forever belong to slipknot. Slipknot is life <3Slipknot is love :3:p to me, it is deeply healing, nourishing and spiritual ;) so

  • Nick Smith  1 months ago

    @CaptainAMAZINGGG Right but that's only because your body has adjusted to the routine. If you're not feeling any pain EVER than your workout routine likely needs to be changed to force your body to adapt or your gains will either stagnant or progress at a slow pace. Remember, getting strong requires pushing yourself beyond your usual limitation and when you do that you create soreness in a the muscle from hypertrophy.

  • ChowdhuryRayan  1 months ago

    DUDE MADE SOME GAINS THO. Look at his arms.

  • anugrey  9 days ago

    Mu ki baat cheen li

  • Abdul Shahid  12 days ago

    I knowwwwww

  • Abhishek Rathore  1 months ago

    Kumail really made ellen laugh, which is very difficult.

  • Mari  1 months ago

    Nowadays, for sure man