Link Sync Battle - Cadence of Hyrule Funny Moments

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 12, 2019
  • For a rhythm game featuring tiny dancing elfin sprites, this video has far too many references to Lawrence's butthole. Fine, it's just one reference to Lawrence's butthole. Why? Did you sickos want a few more?

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  • Andrew Mcfarlane
    Andrew Mcfarlane  14 days ago

    Watching this after Chris Hanson started his YT channel is hilarious cause he still does the "Uhhhh" thing and is looking into taking down predators but he keeps needing explanations for memes and slang when talking to potential victims

  • Joe Ma’ma’
    Joe Ma’ma’  28 days ago

    Good bye Lawrence

  • Dappertree901
    Dappertree901  1 months ago

    Lawrence im gonna misssss you!

  • zaxex21
    zaxex21  1 months ago

    "you say we like its common"
    is it not?

  • KStephenson
    KStephenson  2 months ago

    Ok why on Earth did the editor put Teller as Alanah's partner?

  • Monsteronamp Nation
    Monsteronamp Nation  2 months ago

    Doki doki hyrule castle needs to happen

  • TheZombieKing
    TheZombieKing  3 months ago

    Adam Driver had to pretend to be into Lena Dunham for six seasons, he knows no fear.

  • Davies
    Davies  3 months ago

    Adam Driver would be good in bed because he has to make up for his melty face.

  • Ryan Moulder
    Ryan Moulder  3 months ago

    "I don't know what I would do if I was cheated on"
    Fuck beyonce, how could you cheat on Alanah??

  • Leaf Shade
    Leaf Shade  4 months ago +1

    What if I was explaining that I was previously explaining a theoretical?

  • ArchAngel Knights
    ArchAngel Knights  4 months ago

    wow....alanah is such a lil case some of you fucking sjw are wondering or monitoring funhaus....i just recently started marathoning these guys......adam and alanah are my least fav people on this channel. Like adam is a fucking pussy and alanah is a fucking pussy and fucking annoying. NO ITS NOT BECAUSE SHES A WOMEN. SHE A LIL SHIT, THATS WHY! Its so obvious to see when these guys do videos with adam or alanah, they dont like them. Even more than the fat fuck from the matirx vid in the green suit and he is fucking annoying. If youre worse than him...holy fuck...kys

  • Luke Emberson
    Luke Emberson  5 months ago +1

    This felt like a gta video.

  • Batabii
    Batabii  5 months ago

    Do they upload the full streams on YouTube Somewhere

  • EdKMusic
    EdKMusic  5 months ago +1

    Okay, serious question, does anyone keep their porn on their phones? I use flash drives

  • monkeyman12328
    monkeyman12328  5 months ago +1

    Alana has nice tits

  • dickthedestroyer
    dickthedestroyer  5 months ago

    Alright lets talk about global warming....its perfectly normal. Technically we are in an ice age the poles shouldnt have permafrost that is unusual for our planet and its simply returning to normal after a 200000 year ice age

  • Zeppy
    Zeppy  6 months ago +3

    I spent years on OCRemix, Law-dog.
    I did.

  • Charles Rowe
    Charles Rowe  6 months ago

    Did Alyssa cut her hair?!?! I'm sad but it looks good.

  • Sufjan Joey
    Sufjan Joey  6 months ago +1

    The thanksgiving then Christmas edit was pure genius

  • when do we die
    when do we die  6 months ago

    I can see a starbucks cup Emerson ruined