Link Sync Battle - Cadence of Hyrule Funny Moments

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 12, 2019
  • For a rhythm game featuring tiny dancing elfin sprites, this video has far too many references to Lawrence's butthole. Fine, it's just one reference to Lawrence's butthole. Why? Did you sickos want a few more?Follow us on Twitter: n stuff:


  • Bobby Dragon
    Bobby Dragon  1 months ago +1112

    “We take-a da kids.... And we make-a them DANCE!”

  • Stark Spark
    Stark Spark  1 months ago +578

    Alanah and Lawrence are like weeb brother-sister and it's adorable

  • Bunnydrum Crimblefinch
    Bunnydrum Crimblefinch  1 months ago +321

    "Vintage adult animations that come from the Land of the Rising Sun."

  • Jack Jagger
    Jack Jagger  1 months ago +431

    What I'd give to be locked in Lawrence's apartment late at night

  • dacdan yaboy
    dacdan yaboy  1 months ago +418

    "I always accuse James of faking it"

  • Jargon
    Jargon  1 months ago +236

    Can we all appreciate how Lawrence is the keeper of Inside Gaming's sex jokes? Everyone else kiiinda evolved into a more careful, cookie cutter-y level of weird fetish discussions, while he still talks without restrictions or filters. Therefore he is free, the light in the dark to remind us..i need some sleep

  • FlyOn Albatross
    FlyOn Albatross  1 months ago +332

    Lawdawg could speed run this with his eyes closed but he was only using 0.02% of his power.
    Lest we all lose our minds as us meer mortals can not comprehend his mightiness!

  • Potato Salad
    Potato Salad  1 months ago +174

    Fist bump after sex good work

  • Becky estes
    Becky estes  1 months ago +87

    It’s happened they’ve talked about everything and then come full circle back to Alannah fisting story

  • Michael Jara
    Michael Jara  1 months ago +248

    When you realize that countless minutes and countless seconds are the same

  • Aaron Milligan
    Aaron Milligan  1 months ago +47

    Alanah goes along with Lawrence's weird shit more than anyone and I'm so here for it

  • danolatypus
    danolatypus  1 months ago +134

    I paused the video just to read those Zelda rip offs lol

  • M P
    M P  1 months ago +123

    Is there a reason you're putting 'funny moments' in the video titles? Is it a Youtube algorithm thing?

  • The Hedgehog
    The Hedgehog  1 months ago +56

    Well excuuuuse me princess

  • Orlando Trustfull
    Orlando Trustfull  1 months ago +104

    Hate to tell you how to do your job, but I think the cool kids prefer "SAVAGE MOMENTS"
    "Funny moments" are so 2018

  • Skeln
    Skeln  1 months ago +25

    I love Lawrence and Alana being weird, it reinforces me as a terrible human being

  • OrcsBeCool
    OrcsBeCool  1 months ago +50

    Lawrence totally watched the entirety of that vintage hentai folder in that one second at 6:52

  • TheEvanFromMyspace
    TheEvanFromMyspace  1 months ago +26

    Alanah’s new haircut is so pretty.

  • HeadshotTatertot93
    HeadshotTatertot93  1 months ago +13

    They discontinued the show because one of the Pedos was a man of power and he killed himself when he got exposed and his wife got pissed and sued and won and got the show taken off air

  • Guillermo Millan
    Guillermo Millan  1 months ago +37

    2:40 look at Adam's reaction