Brits Try the Famous SALTED EGG FISH SKIN from Singapore???

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 9, 2019
  • Today we try some very, VERY JOLLY Singaporean Snacks, with Jolly Shandy ;)오늘 졸리 섄디가 졸리 섄디를 먹어봅니다? Written and Directed by Josh and OllieSeries Producer: Hyemin Lim & Sepi ZolfaghariProduction Assistant: Jordan CarrottEditor: Grace Park & Sepi ZolfaghariEditor/Translator: Sejun LeeTranslator: Miso Kang


  • Rockatone
    Rockatone  7 days ago +1477

    We were so excited waiting for this video! Really glad you enjoyed the snacks and thankful for the kind words! Keep up the wonderful work! - Kate and Douglas from Singapore :)

  • crossgenie takuya
    crossgenie takuya  7 days ago +1849

    Happy National Day to all Singaporeans and thanks for reviewing the snacks

  • Marcus Low
    Marcus Low  7 days ago +824

    5:59 "If someone was eating that on the bus I'd be annoyed" - Ollie
    *Laughs Singlishly* If someone was eating that on the bus in Singapore he'd have been arrested and fined $1400.

  • Zheng Ning Goh
    Zheng Ning Goh  7 days ago +352

    7 of those tarts are supposedly the caloric equivalent of a bowl of white rice

  • 박종영
    박종영  7 days ago +99

    Well, seeing this video reminds me of my good memories when I visited Singapore. I’ve visit Singapore about 20 times. I live in Korea so it takes about 6hours of flight to go there. But even the time that I sat in plane was a pleasure to me. Even Singapore is not a big country, There are so many things to enjoy. I used to visit hotel near the station called ‘common wealth’. I’m planning to visit there next month. That will make my 21st visit to Singapore. This time I will try those snacks!
    Thank you Singapore for giving me beautiful memory

  • Jeryl Song
    Jeryl Song  6 days ago +32

    Anyone Singsporean watching this video??
    (I'm Singaporean btw)

  • onegoldenkookie
    onegoldenkookie  7 days ago +68

    Herbal jelly tastes really good and is slightly sweet usually. Maybe you got the wrong brand?

  • Shreela
    Shreela  7 days ago +157

    and i just finished watching the national parade lol

  • goroket !
    goroket !  7 days ago +68

    헐 왜 진짜 한국어 댓글 없징???????
    있긴있는데 적ㅇ게 있네..

  • {Fever} 22
    {Fever} 22  7 days ago +1458

    And you release it during Singapore's national day! What a nice present❤️❤️❤️

  • Ester [ how to draw easily ]

    Shandy💕💕 Thanks for making this video. always make me laugh

  • Cat. Tang
    Cat. Tang  2 days ago +3

    I am wheezing on the herbal jelly as demonic creme caramel xD btw there is also salted egg chicken rice which is popular in Zhi Char (Chinese seafood food) and the fish serial killer xD

  • Sean
    Sean  10 hours ago +1

    Never tried the Irvin salted egg snack before as it is too expensive

  • Nannayi Dakat
    Nannayi Dakat  7 days ago +71

    Ollie: That looks like the graveyard of a fish serial killer
    Me: You mean like a fisherman? 😏

  • Fatima Amellouk
    Fatima Amellouk  7 days ago +704

    Ollie: "the looks like the graveyard of like fish serial killer"
    fishermen has joined the chat

  • Towkeeyoh
    Towkeeyoh  7 days ago +75

    As a Singaporean, this was such a lovely surprise! Really appreciate this episode, also, big thanks to Kate and Douglas for showering the boys with the snacks! #saltedeggeverything

  • lowvivianlow
    lowvivianlow  7 days ago +54

    Pleasantly surprised to see a Singapore related clip on our national day! Thanks for aligning this release with our national day!! Much love from Singapore ❤️

  • Hinge Creative 2
    Hinge Creative 2  7 days ago +45

    Pleasantly surprised to see this video, you even took into consideration Singapore's national day. There are tons more snacks in Singapore from all cultures. What they've just tried were the expensive ("atas" is the word!) snacks of Singapore. Maybe one day I'll send some truly authentic local ones!

  • Joshua Sim
    Joshua Sim  7 days ago +62

    Thanks for wishing us Singaporeans a happy national day!!!

  • saucelover
    saucelover  7 days ago +6

    I cannot love you guys moarr.. including Shandy! Much love from Singapore. Also, super lovely good timing! (;