twenty one pilots - ERS2016 (Highlight 03)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 18, 2016
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  • K rina
    K rina  2 years ago +67

    "there's too much black, I need more colour....oh wait I am wearing a black shirt as well"
    story of my life tbh

  • cassie howells
    cassie howells  3 years ago +355


  • nora c
    nora c  3 years ago +724

    Oh josh, you ARE the color in this world

  • Breanna Beck
    Breanna Beck  3 years ago +42

    I understand that Tyler isn't talking in these videos but Tyler's been talking for years and it's finally Josh's turn so hush

  • Charlotte Boyd
    Charlotte Boyd  3 years ago +290

    Is no one gonna mention that it's Josh's birthday today?

  • Miriam Gallacher
    Miriam Gallacher  3 years ago +259

    stop complaining about it not being the heathens music video. it will come out when it is scheduled to come out. meanwhile, we have this amazing piece of art to enjoy, that mark and the crew work so hard on creating for us. enjoy it. the girl at the end seemed so genuine and lovely, i saw her art on twitter and it was incredible. loved the go pro at the end as well. amazing as per usual.

  • Kristina S
    Kristina S  3 years ago +66

    now i really want to see that girls artwork!!

  • Julie Mendez
    Julie Mendez  3 years ago +150

    When you're too poor to go see them ;-;

  • Lakyn Meeder
    Lakyn Meeder  3 years ago +81

    It still hasn't hit me that I get to see them tomorrow

  • oOf //
    oOf //  3 years ago +47

    Happy Birthday Josh 🖖🏽 |-/

  • Josh Pierce
    Josh Pierce  3 years ago +31

    Tyler still hasn't said a word in these videos

  • Brittany Richards
    Brittany Richards  3 years ago +27

    happy birthday josh, you are the sunshine through the clouds of this world. (gosh that was cheesy, but its true). Thank you for everything you've done. You're such a positive source in this negative life. love you. Keep making music and doing your thing. You've helped me realize that I'm not alone in being afraid. I have anxiety as well, and it is not fun. But knowing that someone like you who is so successful struggles with hard things like that too makes me feel like I can do great things too, and that my mental state doesn't have to cripple my success story. Thank you, you inspire me and the clique everyday. I-/

  • Janelle ElizaRae
    Janelle ElizaRae  2 years ago +6

    Josh: "There's too many black shirts we need more color" looks down "I'm wearing a black shirt..." 😂😂😂😂

  • Cassidy Elsey
    Cassidy Elsey  3 years ago +33

    I love these, but Tyler never talks in them:(

  • Defne 2727
    Defne 2727  3 years ago +15

    "I wish Tyler stops so I could talk."
    Best part ever 😂❤️

  • Keirstin Pratt
    Keirstin Pratt  3 years ago +13

    i wish Tyler would stop so I can talk 😂

  • Hanna Howell Lester
    Hanna Howell Lester  3 years ago +754


  • Maggie E.
    Maggie E.  3 years ago +17

    Wait but I want to see the paintings

  • Cavilleer
    Cavilleer  3 years ago +33

    - .- -.- . .. - ... ... --- .-

    ZACHARiAH  3 years ago +11