Husky React to Chickens - BAD IDEA!

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 8, 2019
  • Dogs Reaction to Owners Returning Home from Vacation -

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  • caleb perez
    caleb perez  2 months ago +1

    I think they want to eat the chickens because they're scared and they think they are wolves

  • me me
    me me  4 months ago

    Grass wants chicken 😁☺️

  • Tharsis Jonas
    Tharsis Jonas  5 months ago

    They are so excited ! Hahaha 😁

  • Robby Zimmerman
    Robby Zimmerman  5 months ago

    I feel like chicken tonight like chicken tonight

  • Madison Telfer
    Madison Telfer  6 months ago

    Why aren’t your dogs neutered

  • Markxxx
    Markxxx  6 months ago +1

    Huskies and Malamutes have huge prey drives..

  • Patsfan 4life
    Patsfan 4life  6 months ago

    So excited to murder them chickens

  • Heart of the Skorpion

    You're going to need to be extra careful. Huskies will take a bite of them first chance they get. An acquaintance of mine had a farm with two huskies and a chicken coop as well... they got to the chickens at least twice, killing a few each time. One of those times was by digging a hole under under the shed they were being kept in. Remember that huskies are as close to actual wolves as they get... :D

  • Juliana Avila
    Juliana Avila  6 months ago

    Where are the chickens

  • paul bolton
    paul bolton  6 months ago

    your soon gonna have dead chickens hahaha.

  • V CA
    V CA  6 months ago

    Uh oh...

    SOFA KING KETO  6 months ago

    Those dogs want some chicken nuggets

  • Random Zack
    Random Zack  6 months ago

    they excited to eat some chicken

  • A To Z
    A To Z  6 months ago

    Gus is big now//

  • LilPaulTheDrummerBoy

    They only wanna chew on them

  • seedblossomful
    seedblossomful  6 months ago

    This is just cruel, putting meat in front of them and let them watch only?

  • kathryn 94
    kathryn 94  6 months ago +1

    You sir are a fuckwit

  • Gold Man
    Gold Man  6 months ago +2

    You know those dogs will be thinking about how to get those chickens from that moment on. They will be dreaming about how to get through that wire.

  • Red Poppy
    Red Poppy  6 months ago

    just chicken? It's food!

  • Tezzasbigbuz
    Tezzasbigbuz  6 months ago +1