F | MS | Kento MOMOTA (JPN) [1] vs Anthony Sinisuka GINTING (INA) [7] | BWF 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
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  • bong saat  2 months ago

    I think this is the best MS match of this year so far. Thank you and congratulations to Ginting and Momota. Both of you are amazing players!

  • Chye Heng  2 months ago

    I feel that LD vs CL Malaysia Open 2019 was the best so far. That final has everything from great smashes, quality shots, fast pace, and all high quality shots and strategies.

  • Valère Mazeau-Roy  2 months ago

    In my opinion, the All England's final of this year was slightly more impressive, but amazing match nonetheless !

  • Kaji A  2 months ago

    Both players played very well.Especially GINTING's play in first game was fantastic.

  • Jay Tee  2 months ago

    @Trường Đỗ Mạnh He has patience too.

  • Momota wins because he is more durable, stable and stronger, the same in SF with Alenxen. ( I think skill of Ginting and Motota is almost same)

  • Tarbarik  2 months ago

    PLEASE stop showing the winner on the thumbnail. THANK YOU

  • Penguin with a gun  2 months ago

    even though they didnt show, we already know who would win. My homie kento momota

  • Jay Tee  2 months ago

    Absolutely gotta give in to your demand LOL

  • rio eriano  2 months ago

    Ginting is king of deceptions shot. His hold and flick skill is exceptional.

  • Liam Nguyen  2 months ago

    This is the first time I see Momota celebrates a victory like that. This must be a meaningful victory to him.

  • Because for Momota, Ginting is an exceptional players that make his victory more valuable, not because of he has beaten twice in a month, but stealiny one point from Ginting must use a lil bit more technic, skill and strength.

  • Nathanael Choo  2 months ago

    That is because he lost in China Open 2018

  • ClydeMcbride  2 months ago

    How bout not putting the winner in the thumbnail, BWF?

  • The Potatoes Vlogs!  a months ago

    Thanks man I was about to check it till I saw your comment

  • Youtube commenter  2 months ago

    Sports is really unpredictable. I thought ginting will win as he lead in the second and third but all credits goes to the Japanese fighter king Kento momota. I wonder how he will look in anime

  • RandoMow  2 months ago

    Momota is still very young. We can still expect more from him as a still yet legend in the making!

  • RandoMow  2 months ago

    Ginting and Momota, the New Generation Rivals!!! I am Japanese but I respect both players so much for their gameplay and sportsmanship.

  • AbsoluteXero  2 months ago

    Wow, for so many moments I thought Momota would lose, but his consistency is unreal. His net shots and returns are so consistent. He increased the pace in the 2nd game and it paid off.