Samuel L. Jackson Goes Undercover on Reddit, Twitter, and Wikipedia | GQ

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 15, 2018
  • On this episode of "Actually Me," Samuel L. Jackson, star of Incredibles 2, goes undercover on Reddit, Twitter, Quora, Wikipedia and more sites. How's his golf game? Was he really an usher at Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral? Does he like watching his own movies? Find all that out and more in this video.

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    Samuel L. Jackson Goes Undercover on Reddit, Twitter, and Wikipedia | GQ


  • _UniversqlGqlaxy_

    “*ITS ACTUALLY MUAH, MOTHERF*CKERS*” that got me wheezing-

  • birdie
    birdie  2 days ago

    can u believe this man is like 71?!

  • Bendy Fish
    Bendy Fish  4 days ago


  • CredibleDerek6511

    Does Samuel actually like anime?

  • AlucardUser 749
    AlucardUser 749  5 days ago


  • Skinny F
    Skinny F  6 days ago +1

    I hope I'll be like him when I get 70 years. That would be awesome.

  • Chutnyo
    Chutnyo  7 days ago

    One thing i wanna know was his voice in kingsman his real voice

  • casedinlight
    casedinlight  7 days ago

    Hold on to your butts.

  • O.G Francis
    O.G Francis  14 days ago


  • Sub-Zero Speaks
    Sub-Zero Speaks  14 days ago


  • Xander Angelo
    Xander Angelo  14 days ago +1

    Its not Samuel L. Jackson if he doesn't say MOTHERF*CKER.

  • Mahlercougar
    Mahlercougar  14 days ago

    Long Kiss Goodnight is mine too! Its sooooooo under-rated. Love it so much I wrote a script for LKG 2 :)

  • Kalia Rosealindadupree

    “Ion know pulp fiction nerds” ooooouuu that one hurt L.😭

  • X-Magneto
    X-Magneto  21 days ago +1

    Whuttsup it’s Nick Fury

  • Liam Weaver
    Liam Weaver  28 days ago

    0:23 for you people who want to take and install it in your cupboards. There’s still music, but you take what you can get.

  • Andrew Mullin
    Andrew Mullin  1 months ago

    At least he's frank and earnest.

  • I Stan A Gucci King
    I Stan A Gucci King  1 months ago

    when i saw him i was like


  • Tw0 Scp Master
    Tw0 Scp Master  1 months ago

    Tempenny still alive cj forget the bullet

  • Green Skull
    Green Skull  1 months ago

    I want him as my grandpa so much 😁😁

  • Kermit 2.0
    Kermit 2.0  1 months ago +1

    You know that this man is gonna die someday and thats just sad