Wale - Black Bonnie (feat. Jacquees) (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • Listen Here: https://ad.gt/blackbonnieDirected by Yasha Gruben https://www.instagram.com/storyofyasha/ https://twitter.com/walehttps://www.facebook.com/waleofficial/https://www.instagram.com/wale/https://soundcloud.com/walefolarinhttps://spoti.fi/2qlMNEThttp://www.walemusic.com/


  • A N G E L  11 months ago

    If ur reading this u are a black queen ☺✨

  • JaQuea Bowie  23 days ago

    A N G E L 🎀💕✨💫💫✨💯🎀

  • TaVya Grant  1 months ago

    Thanks a lot king

  • I DONT KNOW FOOL  10 months ago

    We never get this kinda love thank you wale 😪😪😪

  • I DONT KNOW FOOL  15 days ago

    Brown and dark skin women get dissed by people all the time... The darker the uglyier they say. I DISAGREE

  • Deuces Wild  23 days ago

    Randy Brown im telling you. We work we’re family men and we street savvy too. It we focused on making shit work and showing our young boys to be men and our daughters to be young ladies. So the ones that pass us up need to clean their lenses and see we’re right here. Well the ones that aren’t married or taken.

  • S Thunda  11 months ago

    A black man is stronger when he has a black woman. ALL great black men had a black woman behind them, never an "other". Prove me wrong.

  • TaVya Grant  3 days ago

    A black man looks more powerful with. Black queen by his side. Any other makes him look weak

  • duchessinthea  12 days ago

    @Kay Feared yasssss

  • Kayssan Sitti  6 months ago

    Why the rappers who uplift and appreciate black women only so freakin underrated smh Wale for President

  • JaQuea Bowie  23 days ago

    Kayssan Sitti 🎀✨✨💫💯✨🎀

  • Spoken Truth  1 months ago

    Baby Girl that’s a lie 😂 all this nigga talk about is dark woman in his music 💀

  • Beautifully Gabbie  10 months ago

    I'm addicted to the Black Love and all these Melanin people in here😍😎❤❤

  • Young Ju  20 days ago

    @jamal brooks Yeah but not the bedwenches they grace the planet in the worse way

  • Ferris Bates  23 days ago

    WALE !!!!!!!§§

  • Kesha Jones  10 months ago

    Go figure only 4 million views 🤦🏾‍♀️they hate to see us strong and united🙄period

  • quueniira  1 months ago


  • Sasanya Dawson  1 months ago

    Thank you my sister

  • YFN Caution  10 months ago

    The video and the message this songs is putting out speaks volumes. IM PROUD TO BE BLACK💯

  • Tocquetta Crump  19 days ago

    YFN Caution 🖤✊🏽

  • Ju Mooreman  11 months ago

    I love dark skinned women......so sexy y'all are.........queens

  • Natasha Williams  2 months ago

    @kmgood good nigga.

  • kmgood  2 months ago

    @Natasha Williams oh my my feelings are hurt. Lmao

  • Melanin is our Black Magic! Nothing mystical. Alllllllll Actual Facts! Beauty and Energy!

  • zodiac savior Thompson agree

  • Mystical to we can make unseen things happen believe me

  • Ashley Mitchell  11 months ago

    Where my Beautiful Black sistas at.😘💖 Much love 💋

  • Ashley Mitchell  13 days ago

    @Joe Proctor insecure white boy lol negative. You search black videos to troll but I'm insecure yeah okay. My man Love it.

  • jamal brooks  1 months ago

    Luv y'all😍❤!!!