Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors - Game 5 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Finals

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
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  • Ximo Pierto  17 days ago

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  • Sieweng Ong  12 days ago

    Dirty I

  • João Leite  15 days ago


  • john kolokotronis  17 days ago

    This is how many prayers we have for KD to recover↓

  • EC  17 days ago

    @Reality Waterfall I hear what your saying. but that injury was serious. hopefully he recovers in the future, but seeing my favourite player kobe get ruined by an injury, I would want that from a talent like kd. that's why I don't like the fact the he played. but those fans don't represent every raptors fan. fuck them they just rich dickheads probably not even really raptors. Everybodys on the wave so down here so... And raptors still got this #WeTheKawhi. wish kawhi didn't pass like kobe would

  • hoboIove  17 days ago

    @J Foster Yep and if it was Steph, Klay or Dray instead of KD they would have done the same. Kawhi though? Probably not.

  • Oleg Viatkin  16 days ago

    that one raptor fan who literally waved at the injury of an all-star player is the worst type of person smh

  • YungBreezy  14 days ago

    Everyone’s talking like everyone Canadian is like that, we had a few drunk idiots being stupid but if you look at 99% of the fanbase the rest aren’t like that, the arena gave him a standing ovation and chanted his name, you guys saw a few seconds of a clip and judged not only a whole fanbase but a whole country. There’s always gonna be idiots in a fanbase it’s inevitable but saying we’re all trash? Really? Warriors fans should be the last ones to talk considering they cheered for injuries before. The c...

  • Tommy Dela Cruz  14 days ago

    2EmsFromTheDot Sooo they weren’t cheering because of the injury but because Kd is gone and only steph and klay are left? Thaaat does not make any sense hahahaha just accept that there were some cancer fans in there

  • Green Envy  16 days ago

    I don't usually comment on refs.But what they did at the end of the game was UNACCEPTABLE.

  • Tim Logan  10 days ago

    @Panagiotis Atmatzidis Fuck dude. Wow, the refs did everything to keep them from winning the rings. They practically put their whistles away and let the other teams mug the Raps. Don't know what series you were watching but it wasn't TO- Bucks or To-Dubs. Sheesh some of you fanboys really need to quit riding their jock.

  • Tim Logan  10 days ago

    @End Less Fuck man, you just won't leave it alone will ya?

  • Wow last min, refs are trying so hard 😁😁

  • Tim Logan  10 days ago

    @End Less Better team won. Hands down. Refs were pro Warriors all series.

  • Tim Logan  10 days ago

    @Kenneth Virina Wake the fuck up. The Warriros had the refs in the back pocket al series. Fuck you Warrior fanboys are whiney

  • Prayers up for KD 🙏 Big Respect to that man who sacrificed his body to help his team..

  • KD sacrificed himself but what do we know? He is a "snake" (like he was married to Westbrook and he got divorced) and an egoist (he should have played before in NBA finals). He just wanted to be a champion and people never excused him that.

  • Neal X  15 days ago

    @Cameron Samek I have one thing to say: stfu

  • Herr Wasser  17 days ago

    KD sacrified his body for his teammates And then they played the heart out to get him the win

  • Jontrell Miles  17 days ago

    Lexa my point is they can’t win without him. Pretty obvious 🤦‍♂️

  • Ben K  17 days ago

    Bandz At-itt i don't understand a damn thing you wrote. 1 more thing you should know: you are an idiot.

  • teranos haunt  16 days ago

    last 2 minutes full of whistles against GSW. Damn refs trying so hard lol

  • Boogey Man  16 days ago

    @Rich at Large I'm a Raptors fan and i'm glad they lost

  • Eveson Waguis  16 days ago

    Yeah right from the first game if u noticed😂😂😂

  • Giuseppe Carmassi  16 days ago

    Missed 2 goaltends by Ibaka in Game 4, but they sure as hell were on top of that one by Cousins.

  • @Dan B. i watched the full game. I'll admit it was close and difficult to see from most angles but for me the camera that's above/behind the backboard showed it clearly. Remember that this camera is not right above but slightly behind the basket. I do agree it's a stupid rule and the basket should have counted. What about the other calls? Cousins hip check and draymond foot on the Line were pretty obvious

  • intra  16 days ago

    I dont wanna hear anymore hate towards KD ... he sacrificed himself for the team and played his heart out... get well soon

  • Arsen Brooks  13 days ago

    Yeah but it was a bad decision he's not Kobe

  • End Less  16 days ago

    The 3-6 mafia are the only one who saying warriors don't need KD