Life As An International Student At A Singapore Primary School

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 30, 2019

    She's 7 years old, came to Singapore only a year ago, and is gamely picking up English with the help of P1 classmates at Farrer Park Primary. Even before preparing for the PSLE, international students like Chaorui in neighbourhood schools must learn to adapt to local food and other integration challenges.

    But they're doing so with help from big-hearted classmates and the school. This is the story of 3 such students. 
    International students from all over the world - India, Brazil, Russia, China, Myanmar, the Philippines etc - make up 5% of all pupils in primary and secondary schools and junior colleges. Unlike Singaporeans who pay no primary school fees, international students in primary school paid S$440 to S$700 a month in 2019.

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  • Tadek Watkins
    Tadek Watkins  5 hours ago +1

    Ang mo has entered the chat

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    Idris is a real G. 💯

  • Nella MC
    Nella MC  23 hours ago

    Ahhh may God guide us all

  • Terry Chuah
    Terry Chuah  yesterday

    I like this type of TV programme...We should open our hands wide to welcome and accept people from out side of Singapore...

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  • Scout
    Scout  yesterday

    "He will suffer when he goes to the army"

    oh shit

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    Lucky my face not inside🤣🤣

  • lil egg
    lil egg  yesterday

    Omg alina looks similar to me and I went to international school this young too. It’s so weird to watch 🥺

  • l. rc
    l. rc  yesterday

    What a lovely school : (

  • Sxbah
    Sxbah  yesterday

    When he said ''its just weed'' i started laughing so hard to the point where i was crying

  • Ava Yu
    Ava Yu  yesterday +1

    What a bunch of great kids!

  • amelia L
    amelia L  yesterday

    Idris is pretty witty

  • Stephanie Synneq

    Everything about this is beautiful!

    I love Idris!!!

  • Stephanie Synneq
    Stephanie Synneq  yesterday +1

    "Why do you use your hand to eat?"

    "I don't know, my family use it bro!"


  • raqilla
    raqilla  yesterday

    Lmao chaorui is scared of a weed

  • AndrewTube
    AndrewTube  2 days ago

    This is what singapore is all about, what makes us stronger as a nation. Hold on to this guys! simply beautiful - a proud singaporean

  • T- REX
    T- REX  2 days ago

    Idris speaks like an adult I'm empressed

  • Joachim Lior Domingo

    This is so a good school Like in america It's Racist

  • Waffir Gaming
    Waffir Gaming  2 days ago +5

    Idris’s confidence is really making me jealous

  • willie
    willie  2 days ago

    Does preferring to stay at Singapore effect the girl social credit?