WOW! Amazing scenes as Spurs knock Man City out of the Champions League!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 17, 2019
  • One of the greatest games of football you're ever likely to see! Spurs celebrate as they knock Man City out of the Champions League. Simply amazing.Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the best videos from BT Sport ➡️ to our 'BT Sport Boxing' YouTube channel ➡️


  • Rosalind Mercer  3 months ago

    I am in tears, I have supported Spurs since I was 11 and I am now 70. COYS. For a change Lady Luck rode with them. A most marvellous game.

  • Anime Baka  1 months ago


  • Clement Ngoma  3 months ago

    Wonderful son is an unique player

  • madrid 1  13 days ago

    @ᄋ썸띵 ㅇㅇ 손흥민 아직 결혼안해서 애못낳음 ㅠㅠ

  • 도구리  1 months ago

    @ᄋ썸띵 애 낳음?

  • wShashanka _  3 months ago

    City won. City drew. And city lost.All in one game.

  • ferrari458960  1 months ago

    Charbel Playz Won 4:3, drew 4:4, lost the quarterfinal.

  • M Mm  2 months ago

    I m waiting for those days when ajax will kick them out of champions League My tears are still flowing There is only one solution for this when ajax Amsterdam will kick them out

  • My Gusion  2 months ago

    Who come here after spurs beat ajax incredible match??

  • Meiplus Dentalcare  2 months ago

    I'm very proud of Mr Son who is Korean. From Singapore Korean dental clinic:)

  • jameel walji  3 months ago

    Honestly one of the most dramatic games of the season. This sums up champions league footy in one game.

  • jameel walji  2 months ago

    @Jojo Liaw this has literally been the champions league of come backs

  • Zounnouraine BAH  3 months ago

    Sorry for Man City Money does not always bring Joy...This is a legendary game Tothenam congrats✊Son is on 🔥🔥🔥

  • MakeNoiseNigeria  2 days ago

    Black the city players weren’t even the best when they were bought

  • @Black outspend?

  • Dana Black  2 months ago

    Sonaldo is the best premier league!!!

  • Luke Guardiola  2 months ago

    Dana Black need trophies for that

  • NRGoon  2 months ago

    No EPL is the best premier league

  • Clayton John  3 months ago

    Son and VAR winner

  • robby rivai  3 months ago

    people: VAR will reduce the drama!VAR: Hold my beer.

  • lol