Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Corvette Z06 Part 5

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • This is the most expensive car we have ever rebuilt! This type of rebuild comes at an expense. Thankfully we are still within our budget and can make this build even better than it was. Thanks for watching!!!-T-Shirts: A Patron: Fund Me: :


  • daniel elbaz
    daniel elbaz  a years ago +261

    Just a good way to spend 22 minutes

  • rafalpanwojny
    rafalpanwojny  a years ago +70

    so you're telling me my entire car is worth less than a few corvette parts

  • Ashton Smith
    Ashton Smith  a years ago +23

    If your building a shop you should do a progression video of it.

  • Fattah Rahman
    Fattah Rahman  a years ago +31

    286k subs. That was quick

  • - ActivityChannelOne -
    - ActivityChannelOne -  a years ago +15

    goonzquad and rich rebuilds best rebuild channel at time

  • Darren N
    Darren N  a years ago +635


  • Alex Carter
    Alex Carter  a years ago +8

    I love your video and everything you do, and the time and patience that you put so much to repair the pretty cars and the rest, as well as the videos.
    I also love Thomas your assistant, he is too cute and fun.
    We are waiting for the next video of the Corvette.
    Peace to you 2.

  • Only The Family!
    Only The Family!  a years ago +4

    Lovinggggg these 20+ min videos guys keep up the great work!!!🤙

  • Alex Carter
    Alex Carter  a years ago +3

    Nice video & channel, is Thomas is very great & you. Peace Goonzquad.🤘👌👍

  • Will S
    Will S  3 months ago

    [opens box for airbag] - "ooohwee. Ya. Lookin good!"

  • Two Number 9s
    Two Number 9s  a years ago +166

    Ohhhhh yeah nothing better than Goonzquad on a Sunday morning!

  • Anthony S.
    Anthony S.  a years ago

    Nice job guys! I'm also excited to see the upcoming shop build as well.

  • Oscar Galeana
    Oscar Galeana  a years ago

    Your videos are great, awesome stuff. Keep up the good work👌🏽

    VEDEM RACING  a years ago +2

    Keep it up guys! This build is coming together quick!

  • StabTheDabb Productions
    StabTheDabb Productions  a years ago +13

    Too bad that Aftermarket Company's Dont Make Corvette Parts

  • Romanenko Garage
    Romanenko Garage  a years ago +334

    Just found your channel recently and I’m SO glad I did. Binge watched through all your builds and the other day I bought a 2016 Mustang GT from the auction and also doing a build now. Thanks for the inspiration guys! Keep up the great content!

  • Christopher's Perspective

    Congrats on 500k! Great stuff. You guys are awesome and inspiring 👍🏽🏎

  • ThezKiKi
    ThezKiKi  a years ago

    Love the content and builds! My cousin linked me to your channel. Keep up the good work!

  • StabTheDabb Productions
    StabTheDabb Productions  a years ago +65

    3:51 Another Daily Does Of Thomas

  • Fearless
    Fearless  a years ago

    Love these videos man so glad you guys are going forward with that stang