Camila Cabello - Liar

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen  30 minutes ago

    when the asian guy showed his tatoos

  • singthebodyelectric

    Where do I know that waiter from???

  • zoe sonny medina
    zoe sonny medina  an hour ago

    wowowowo jajaja what 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • siry xo
    siry xo  an hour ago +1

    Who came back after watching behind the scenes of liar ?


  • SirBubbly Time
    SirBubbly Time  an hour ago +1


  • Fallen Studio
    Fallen Studio  an hour ago

    The song is just like "Happy Death Day:

  • Mike B
    Mike B  2 hours ago

    I love her. Her solo career is going well! This video is funny. Thats all for now lol

  • Super Girl
    Super Girl  2 hours ago


  • bryiana salez
    bryiana salez  3 hours ago


  • Alyssa McAlpine
    Alyssa McAlpine  3 hours ago +1

    I watched this 100 times and I still don't understand

  • Theory_of _dance
    Theory_of _dance  3 hours ago +1

    2019 is the Camila's best year
    1. Shameless
    2. Senorita
    3. Liar

  • Jamilé Romero
    Jamilé Romero  3 hours ago

    Quien es latino o latina

  • camz
    camz  3 hours ago

    I did a cover of this song if you can check it out, I would be really thankful

  • lojy .M
    lojy .M  3 hours ago

    That "shut up damie" remind me of "shut up heather" lol i think i am the only one imma shut up

  • Master Foof
    Master Foof  4 hours ago

    Guys guys guys any flash fans out there? That has to be wally

  • Guerrero Pendejo
    Guerrero Pendejo  4 hours ago

    WTF is Wallet West In this

  • Andre Astupiña
    Andre Astupiña  4 hours ago

    Soy el único que abla español like si tu también ablas español

  • takis
    takis  4 hours ago

    4:15 ' 'A dildo, why!!''

  • Dove Nunery
    Dove Nunery  4 hours ago

    Dang had to watch this video like three times before I understood why she kept dying. It’s like the more times she doesn’t tell the truth, and lie to the guy she doesn’t love, she dies. And then she tells the truth on other things but she keeps lying about the real truth, and then the real truth keeps creeping up in others ways and finally she goes crazy and tells the truth and wakes up to her true life, where she’s left the rich guy for whom she really loves.

  • XxxWolfy _TimexxX
    XxxWolfy _TimexxX  4 hours ago