Binging with Babish: Triple-Decker Eggo Extravaganza from Stranger Things

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 7, 2017
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    Eleven is a sci-fi heroine with a proclivity for burgers, fries, and above all, America's favorite freezer waffle: Eggos. But when you stack them thrice high, layer them with whipped cream and Hershey kisses, and top with Reese's Pieces and jelly beans - you can summon her from even the angstiest of adolescent protests.

    Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free

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  • Juan Luis Vargas Pareja

    I hope to dream with your fantasy restaurant tonight.

  • Jenna Carlson
    Jenna Carlson  yesterday

    I’d pay $20 for those waffles

  • Sayyora Abduhalim

    he reminds me of matt d avella (voice especially)
    before matt shaved his beard

  • Açaí Açaí
    Açaí Açaí  2 days ago


  • jk 18
    jk 18  7 days ago

    2001 anyone?

  • Alex Rice
    Alex Rice  7 days ago

    Never in a million years would I think to put yeast in a waffle. Such a good idea.

  • Brad Moore
    Brad Moore  14 days ago


  • Michelle B
    Michelle B  14 days ago

    fuck you she is not weird

  • Hallixade
    Hallixade  14 days ago

    Bless you

  • Firmus
    Firmus  14 days ago

    It's not triple-decker if you don't put waffles on top of each other though.

  • SnowyGrass
    SnowyGrass  14 days ago

    i can't tell if he meant insane as in good or bad

  • Mika Rose
    Mika Rose  14 days ago

    Wow, that looks so delicious. I would actually give you real money to have this as a breakfast menu item.

  • Jack PoppyBro
    Jack PoppyBro  14 days ago +3


    Babish, have you learned nothing from Will it Blend?!


  • _Townsmine _
    _Townsmine _  21 days ago

    Bless you 2:15

  • Natsuki
    Natsuki  21 days ago

    * starts crying in geek * it's beautiful

  • DickenAround
    DickenAround  21 days ago

    Ok look i love you but you HAVE TO USE EGGOS but you are a chill dude so ill let it slide but just this once

  • Amar Bhakta
    Amar Bhakta  21 days ago

    I thought he was allergic to bananas

  • Kristin  Wetzel
    Kristin Wetzel  21 days ago

    You should try making a sugar mountain supreme from Just Friends!

  • Ana Raquel Novoa
    Ana Raquel Novoa  21 days ago +1

    Do The Cheesecake from FRIENDS

  • Jayleen Davila
    Jayleen Davila  21 days ago