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  • Published on:  Friday, August 23, 2019
  • bringing you the latest news pertaining to Christians in the last days

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  • reg profant
    reg profant  5 days ago

    It irritates me to hear the word Jews thrown around so easily. The Jews killed in German camps were real jews,Israelites, and not as in revelation 2:9 those who call themselves Jews and are not. Those are Ashkenazi as 95% of Isreal is and those are the ones the real Jews get the blame for.

  • glen francis
    glen francis  7 days ago

    every thing that RON WYATT said and did came from GOD AND HIS SON JESUS AN THE SPIRIT THEY BEAR RECORD IN HEAVEN JOHN 5;7.8

  • Főfasírozó
    Főfasírozó  21 days ago

    The 6 million is a LIE. Research the subject!

  • Janelle Mckinley
    Janelle Mckinley  21 days ago

    Disappointed in LifeSiteNews.

  • stika forkinit
    stika forkinit  21 days ago

    whether it be over a stolen penny or sneezing wrong..any reason to kill nay non-noahide

  • lisa ables
    lisa ables  21 days ago

    Come to Little Rock!

  • Silent In The Morning

    Could Mystery Babylon be Jerusalem??

  • Kerrie Daly
    Kerrie Daly  21 days ago

    Hi steve and jana thank you so much! I really need information on watchtower and the Chabad Sanhedrin connection, it is important, am in an exJW community and this is HUGE! We always wondered who run the org, I suspected zionists, is the Karatol bible CT Russell was buried with is it connected to Sanhedrin? would so appreciate this thank you and may The Most High bless you and your ministry

  • Rain Redman
    Rain Redman  28 days ago

    Hello S and J

  • Janie Uttecht
    Janie Uttecht  28 days ago

    Brother Steven and sister Janna thanks for sharing. God bless you both. WE LOVE you guys dearly blessings to you and your family. your sister in Christ

  • Annette & Oscar Herrera

    Be careful I gained 10lbs


    Jeeze, people really need to give up on the Khazar thing.. it makes dissidents against Zio-globalism look uninformed. DNA studies show that the female line of Ashkenazis is primarily southern European (ancient Roman women who converted?) and the male line is Middle Eastern/Semitic.

  • rhonda Joy
    rhonda Joy  28 days ago

    Help me understand please Mr. Denoon. In your last video, you said they want to destroy American economy so when American Jews are starving, they will want to go back to Israel. Firstly, who are they?

  • Johnny Aingel
    Johnny Aingel  28 days ago

    Where is this video about the jewish people making everything better Steven are anybody i would like to see a link are source

  • Rebecca Eaton
    Rebecca Eaton  28 days ago


  • lonewolf19792000
    lonewolf19792000  28 days ago

    LOL. God gave Adam noahide laws? Circular logic. If God gave Adam laws it would have been the 10 commandments. Adam couldn't have recieved Noah's laws he had been dead for a while.

  • Jacqueline Armitage

    You both are so informative on such important topics.. we must know how the enemy operates... so we may guard ourselves in YAHUSHUAH at all times.. I really pray people will truly take the time to watch n hear your messages... I am truly thankful that YAHUAH has placed you in this ministry.. HalleluYAH

  • lonewolf19792000
    lonewolf19792000  28 days ago

    Tyranny never lasts long. In the end even Jesus has enough of it and stops it himself and burns them all.

    On another note but of a similar nature. So "they" claim they are the son of Israel but are going into lawlessness (replacing the 10 commandments with the 666 laws of the devil). 🤔, sounds like the man of sin.

    Are the son of perdition and the false prophet the same? I know that the first 12 chapters of "Revelation" are already fulfilled and that Nebuchadnezzar's statue has gone passed the toes of iron mixed with clay into the after time (it was a time table).

    Why do these pharisee rabbi's quote from and reference the book of Revelation? Do they not know the whole book is "the Revelation of Jesus Christ" and revealed to be God and comes back looking like the Ancient of Days? Reminds of of Manoah and his wife, the parents of Samson who saw God as an old man and made him an offering which he burned with fire and ascended back to heaven.

  • lonewolf19792000
    lonewolf19792000  28 days ago

    Patreon has an app on Google play for now

  • Tammy Quidachay
    Tammy Quidachay  28 days ago

    Dear brother and sister I'm not very good with technological things but I live in New Jersey and I wanted to come to the Philadelphia conference in September please if if they are going to get a bigger room or if any space opens please contact me thank you Tammy