Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Opening Scene Teaser Breakdown

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 6, 2019
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  • Emergency Awesome  6 months ago

    Here's my video for the new *Game Of Thrones Season 8* Teaser for the Opening Scene from Season 8 Episode 1. Post all your reunion theories in the comments!

  • Matheus Omena  5 months ago

    Both Sansa and Daenerys were very fierce during season 7... I think there's gonna be a hell of bad blood and cat fights between them. And if Arya stands by Sansa, then Dany better watch out...

  • Shelley Williamson  6 months ago

    Sansa has had time to prepare her reaction to Danny's arrival. She knows the North remembers and that they are only loyal to the Starks. In other words, Sansa knows that Danny wont be able to hold the North without threats, which she wont shout because she loves Jon. Sansa is such an underestimated and overlooked character by so many viewers, honestly i still think she will sit on the throne in the end. Like many characters said in the first season, ie: Cersei telling 'little dove, one day you will be...

  • Alex Vargas  6 months ago

    Sansa knows Jon bent something more than just a knee.

  • Lonely Mountain  6 months ago

    His dick.

  • Tatenda Manyeruke  6 months ago


  • Victor Nguyen  6 months ago

    *Bran to Jon:*“Hello, Aegon.”*Awkwardest of silence for the next 6 episodes*

  • Maruten L  6 months ago

    'you looked so beautiful'

  • Indigent Lover  6 months ago

    Bran to Jon:"How does it feel to bone your Auntie😬😬"

  • Psychedelic Rock  6 months ago

    daenerys has silver hair like ice and sansa has red hair like fire but sansa is ice and dany is fire.

  • Louis Buss  5 months ago

    I got so stoned just reading that...

  • Matthew Lane  6 months ago

    @Brandon Cross - Ha! Touche sir.

  • "Winterfell is yours......Lord Aegon Targaryen"*jon.exe has stopped working*

  • Haris  3 months ago

    *KING* Aegon Targaryen

  • aquajasa  6 months ago


  • MsIrishrule  6 months ago

    A girl can’t wait for the season to start.....

  • michaelba86  6 months ago


  • Ana Barbosa  6 months ago

    And when?

  • Scorpio Snake  6 months ago

    Jon snow's expression is like , " Damn this went down way easier than I thought " . Jon Snow knows nothing . It is known .

  • BigDaddyDank420  6 months ago

    Mods are gay_It is known_

  • Simone Poinga-HIll  6 months ago

    Too easy....

  • Shane MacGowan  6 months ago

    Wait till Jon finds out that Daenerys is his aunt, he's gonna have Aegon his I right?

  • Trey Grosvenor  5 months ago

    Nice 🤣

  • White Alliance  6 months ago

    Ahh... Not so fun if you use google translate to read english... I don't get it

  • janjan tandoc  6 months ago

    "activate fake smile" 😁😁😁when you introduce your girlfriend to your mom

  • White Alliance  6 months ago

    When you introduce your wife to your ex from HS lmao

  • Charles Undying  6 months ago

    @Diana Maria So he's literally introducing his aunt from his father's side to his cousin from his mother's side

  • Lili Youch  6 months ago

    Ayra meeting JonAyra meeting Gendry Ayra meeting HowndAyra meeting anyone again

  • Mae Carpila  6 months ago

    That would be a nice reunion.

  • Emmit Thomas  6 months ago

    Ur a such a dumbass go back to grade 5 english