I Bought a TOTALED Audi R8 from a Salvage Auction & I'm going to Rebuild It!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 1, 2018
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  • Uncle Remus
    Uncle Remus  5 months ago +373

    How are we supposed to take this video serious when the auction company is sponsoring it? Seems real fishy.

  • Sunny Bill
    Sunny Bill  7 months ago +271

    I'm going to Rebuild It!   He drives to the carwash ,,done

  • Andrew Read
    Andrew Read  9 months ago +367

    This guy needs to learn how to edit so we aren't watching every second of the delivery. . .

  • Master Chrono
    Master Chrono  5 months ago +34

    I too bought a brand new totaled car without any defects other than dust and i'm gonna fix it by filming it and washing it.

  • xXxDEDEyExXx
    xXxDEDEyExXx  9 months ago +414

    This guy can do gold digger videos now

  • impetiousdoom
    impetiousdoom  8 months ago +285

    Confused why anyone would want to start and drive a totaled vehicle without even checking the fluids and integrity of the motor, suspension.

  • MUG3N HC
    MUG3N HC  9 months ago +351

    A car is considered totaled when the cost to fix the car exceeds the value of the car.

  • Chris Temple
    Chris Temple  8 months ago +173

    had a 33-minute add that I couldn't skip

  • Jameson
    Jameson  9 months ago +249

    We all know what happened on that hood at 11:47 ;)

  • RMG
    RMG  9 months ago +553

    But did the frame Cracc?

  • jhax78
    jhax78  8 months ago +142

    and after the video stopped they put it back in the trailer to take it with them as the ad is finished

  • time traveler are we there yet

    old post but im glad for ya dude..u deserve it.!!!.
    i just picked up a A5....no R8 but still i love it.

  • Nah Fam
    Nah Fam  14 days ago +1

    It's crazy to think that there is a truck driving around with maybe a couple million dollars worth of exotic cars in the back of it!

  • Bubbles First of His Name
    Bubbles First of His Name  8 months ago +40

    Soooo exactly what did you have to rebuild again?

  • Jose M
    Jose M  9 months ago +116

    That is a sketchy way to unload a car, I thought it was going to roll right off the platform

  • In Sydney
    In Sydney  2 months ago +1

    love your enthusiasm in these clips.. separates you from the professional bores...

  • Daniel Thyringer
    Daniel Thyringer  5 months ago +1

    Essentially any re imported car that got new papers in Italy

  • Richard Guttierrez
    Richard Guttierrez  14 days ago

    Well i know that gas is expensive and i thank you for your effert to concerve thank you

  • 1CAV11B
    1CAV11B  7 months ago +1

    What the he k is “several thousand dollars?”

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe  9 months ago +167

    Imagine being that semi driver. the insurance they must have.