Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • The brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9 is here! Check out the updated design, along with a brand new S Pen. Pre-Order's begin on August 10th, and the Galaxy Note 9 Release date is August 24th! Subscribe for more: also show off the Wireless Charger Duo along with the Galaxy Note 9 S-view flip cover! A lot more Note9 coverage coming soon.Note 9 Hands On: soonNote 9 S Pen: soonNote 9 Gaming (and Fortnite): soon---My gear: on Twitch:


  • Tim Schofield  11 months ago

    Thanks for watching everyone! More Galaxy Note 9 coverage coming very soon - stay tuned :D

  • Samantha Conaway  2 days ago

    Tim Schofield

  • Rohit Sharma  2 months ago

    Hi.. Hope you are doing good!!I just want to know which camera you use to make videos?

  • Desi Gaming  11 months ago

    Who esle watches unboxing videos before getting something?😂😂

  • nour mostafa  7 hours ago

    who else watches unboxing videos with absolutely no hope or money of getting the phone unboxed xddd

  • Decent AYMAN  8 months ago

    If 'Apple' made that note9 they would sell that Pen separatly for 32-45$😂😂Like If You Agree

  • Rad FX  2 hours ago

    hahahha absolutely hehehe

  • rsr racer 16 Tim Cook is like Mr. krabs

  • Xx RSF xX  10 months ago

    Wow! I really want one Like if you want one ☝️

  • zac's stupid videos  5 months ago

    I have one

  • Mostapha Khatib  5 months ago


  • Destiny Player  7 months ago

    Roses are redViolates are blueI am broke And so are most of you

  • Paradise Adams  17 days ago

    @ Destiny Player - And you will stay broke if you do business with Apple manufacturers!

  • Aleshya Barrett  2 months ago

    I’m getting a note 9 for Christmas this year I’m getting the midnight black in so excited

  • Ali Muhammad  11 months ago

    Why is he recording in his bathroom?

  • Paradise Adams  17 days ago

    @ Ali Muhammad - It Maybe because the signals are stronger in that part of the house if he’s recording in the bathroom; I haven’t noticed where he’s recording. Think logically.

  • Anwer Rk  1 months ago

    Because he's dad and your mom are busy in the bedroom🤔

  • Timothy J. Diaz  7 months ago

    For some reason unboxing phones is super satisfying

  • Bat Boy  4 months ago

    Apple and 70% of other phone companies: Sorry, we do not have space for the headphone jack.Samsung: Hold my beer.

  • #ghana syam  3 months ago

    *With space for a whole pen

  • OrangePeelXP  3 months ago


  • FluteGipsy  9 months ago

    Pen pineapple apple pen

  • Namrata Prajapati  11 months ago

    I'm in love with this phn wow!!!It's really amazing🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💕💕💕♥♥♥♥♥