Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • The brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9 is here! Check out the updated design, along with a brand new S Pen. Pre-Order's begin on August 10th, and the Galaxy Note 9 Release date is August 24th! Subscribe for more:
    I also show off the Wireless Charger Duo along with the Galaxy Note 9 S-view flip cover! A lot more Note9 coverage coming soon.

    Note 9 Hands On: soon
    Note 9 S Pen: soon
    Note 9 Gaming (and Fortnite): soon
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  • Tim Schofield
    Tim Schofield  a years ago +505

    Thanks for watching everyone! More Galaxy Note 9 coverage coming very soon - stay tuned :D

  • William Goring
    William Goring  4 days ago

    I want to know something why is it every time there's an unboxing everybody fumbles with the Box more than halfway through the video

  • Tech guy 1 shankles

    I love my Samsung

  • Hemin Ghafouri
    Hemin Ghafouri  14 days ago +1

    Watching this on my new note 9

  • Technology World
    Technology World  14 days ago

    How phone recognize that case?

  • TaskuTV
    TaskuTV  21 days ago

    tnx for phone ime code

    SMURF  21 days ago

    Why my headphones are without logo? But everything is genuine the phone i checked the imei the other stuff maybe because i live in east europe different merchinadse

  • FirstGamingCat3.0
    FirstGamingCat3.0  1 months ago

    Me watching this on my note9

  • Usman Kasi
    Usman Kasi  1 months ago

    He stolen Tony Anderson's T logo!

  • You have are Suck
    You have are Suck  1 months ago

    Samsung phones are beautiful but apple phones are not stylish because they know apple fans are gonna buy it either way

  • Zdzichu
    Zdzichu  1 months ago +1

    I like Note9 more than S10+ or 5G

  • that guy
    that guy  1 months ago

    Was about to get an iPhone (I'm an android guy) to see for myself why people dislike it soo much but I didn't have to go to far to run back to Samsung .notches and dongles are not for me.untill the note 10 gave me the finger.

  • Glen Joseph
    Glen Joseph  2 months ago +2

    When Samsung offer high storage options Apple immediately integrated that feature into their new iPhones. We won't forget that 

  • RajJ Gaming
    RajJ Gaming  2 months ago +2

    Getting one for my bday, wanted a nintendo switch, but this is better.

  • nick 2018
    nick 2018  2 months ago

    Note 9 177 000$

  • Let Kusanagi
    Let Kusanagi  2 months ago

    I am planning to buy either note 10 or note 9 in 2019. It is good that i have found your video on note 9. Great review. 2things that makes me prefer note 9 than note 10.
    1: price 😎
    2: note 10 does not have 3.5mm jack which i think big winning for note 9. (User friendly)

    DEMONHOWLINGDEATH  2 months ago +1

    Shudv made pen blue
    Stupid Samsung

  • Micheal Storch
    Micheal Storch  3 months ago


  • chocolate bella
    chocolate bella  3 months ago

    The thing is that is really big and and the Corners are really sharp it just looks ugly

  • chocolate bella
    chocolate bella  3 months ago

    OMG why is he in the bathroom???😂😂