Maniac | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • MANIAC tells the stories of Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill), two strangers drawn to the late stages of a mysterious pharmaceutical trial. Things do not go as planned.
    A Netflix Limited Series from Cary Joji Fukunaga. MANIAC arrives September 21.

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    Maniac | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


  • Max Hatfield
    Max Hatfield  32 minutes ago

    Seth and Jules have been through some shit

  • SomethingSomething Dark Side 94

    Question for people who have watched this show:
    I went on IMDb and saw it was listed as a comedy but I didn't get that from watching the trailer, I watched the first episode and thought it was good but confused as to why this show is first listed as a comedy on IMDb and other sites. Breaking Bad had more humor and it was labeled as a drama. I've only seen the first episode so far. Does the show turn into a comedy later on or is it more of a drama with funny moments?

  • • purplecarnations •

    I watched this while high and I feel like my depression has been cured wtf

  • Andulamb
    Andulamb  23 hours ago

    The trailer makes it look like it's super intense and dramatic, but it's not. It's a lot more funny and weird.

  • Lauren Steenkamp

    Lucy Prebble's "The Effect," anyone? Sorta kinda, not really.

  • Shannon Louvieñez
    Shannon Louvieñez  yesterday +1


  • M Salat
    M Salat  yesterday +1


  • George Maisuradze

    This show is FANTASTIC! I wish to get second season from the same producer (so it won't repeat the story of True Detective). Truly brilliant!

  • Sulieman Farg
    Sulieman Farg  yesterday

    Why is this a limited series?

  • CCCW
    CCCW  2 days ago

    What an absolutely fantastic story. Wow.

  • SubahSkates
    SubahSkates  2 days ago

    very moving series. what an adventure and love the ost, thank you.

  • Emoni Haggins
    Emoni Haggins  2 days ago

    That man having sex with the octopus was weird as f*** bro

  • Jonathan Rea
    Jonathan Rea  2 days ago

    1) therapy is a form of science, 2) the term Maniac refers to a bipolar state, 3) lookup neurofeedback, 4) the acting is pretty bad. In conclusion, this looks absurd.

  • karlwashere123
    karlwashere123  3 days ago

    I don't know where to start. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea. I only tolerated finishing it because of Jonah Hill and the outstanding cast. They spend 5 hours of this series in random flashbacks ( And I mean random ) that have little or no relationship to character development. You have Jonah Hill hallucinating superpowers and an imaginary relative telling him he's “going to save the world” and in the end you deliver a romance? You over-promised and under-deliver on this one. Fantastic cast and shot extremely well but the story is just sooo ridiculous.. I mean I guess you got me the watch the whole thing. But by the middle of this series I'm clicking for huge sections of it just waiting for the third pill to drop and Jonah to start peeling people's faces off with super powers. Never happened.

  • Bored Stranger
    Bored Stranger  3 days ago

    What kind of Superbad is this?

  • Selina Elmer
    Selina Elmer  3 days ago

    Despite the expectation the trailer left me with, and the promising main cast of Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, this Netflix series was "Superbad".

  • Koiden
    Koiden  3 days ago

    Maniac is like that one friend you love hanging out with who's weird but in a good way
    edit: Justin Theroux made me laugh or smile every freaking time, great acting

  • Hater
    Hater  3 days ago

    W.T.F ?
    Is this movie...

  • ivereadtheterms
    ivereadtheterms  4 days ago

    One of the dream/simulation is the Superbad movie..

  • Emil S
    Emil S  4 days ago

    so eat psychodelic (too much) and decode that fucking bastards