Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer - League of Legends



  • BigMayhem24
    BigMayhem24  an hour ago

    Not sure why people think this dudes a commie. Sounds more like an Anarchist.

  • Magic Wand
    Magic Wand  an hour ago


  • :SilenT :
    :SilenT :  2 hours ago

    i was waiting for his line, "stop ulting yourself!"

  • Gab Pogi
    Gab Pogi  3 hours ago


  • Left Right
    Left Right  7 hours ago

    this guy looks like he came from a mobile moba rip off of league he looks so out of place.

  • sad depression
    sad depression  7 hours ago

    Walking late into class be like

  • Arvince Gamboa
    Arvince Gamboa  8 hours ago

    Y not make rubick then

  • megatont
    megatont  9 hours ago


  • Tres Seni_AA12
    Tres Seni_AA12  9 hours ago

    He's really rapey.

  • Artward
    Artward  10 hours ago

    THIS IS RIOT!!!!!!
    (Copy and paste this to lol videos to let the RIOT! continue)

  • NukeBluff
    NukeBluff  10 hours ago

    its like a motivating video

  • Slim Santa
    Slim Santa  11 hours ago

    This guy would be like the little brother of Zaheer from avatar korra

  • Violate
    Violate  12 hours ago +1

    Now we just need a champ to steal basic abilities... I want nasus q.

  • 1000 subs without any videos

    hmm, sound like lenin to me

  • Djafer Chelihi
    Djafer Chelihi  13 hours ago

    and Mordekaiser still walking with 325 movement speed

  • Andreea Balanescu
    Andreea Balanescu  13 hours ago

    Riot we want a couple skin!! 😂😂😂

  • 밍이링
    밍이링  14 hours ago

    드디어 티모에게 고통을 공감시켜줄 캐릭터가 생겼다.,.

  • Backs Pie
    Backs Pie  15 hours ago

    and here we say <>

  • Zabujca72
    Zabujca72  15 hours ago

    Huey Long is that you?

  • Frane Zuljevic
    Frane Zuljevic  17 hours ago

    first lgbt champ now liberal lmao whats next communist ?