Insuring a Car with a Salvage Title

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 12, 2016
  • Salvage titles may be less expensive to buy, but are they less expensive to insure? Watch this video to find out. Additional info on our blog post: Financial is one of the largest auto & home insurance agencies in the U.S., with over 2.8 million vehicles and homes insured. Think you're paying too much for auto and home insurance? Give us a call at 1-866-635-7777 or head to our website at and let us help you compare rates from our top auto and home insurance providers.Follow Us!Facebook:


  • Mike Le  1 years ago

    state farm always takes rebuilt title cars if you have trouble getting insurance

  • Vanessa Sanders  4 months ago

    Thanks for the info

  • Xavier Rivera  1 years ago

    Acceptance insurance works with rebuilt titles no problems

  • Jamie Collins  2 years ago

    flooded vehicles are the most common out their the insurance company's sale the vehicles out of state its called washing the title .then someone else buts vehicle not knowing the past .ive seen some vehicles get payded off two or three times on same vehicle by different insurance companies. its a money game

  • sahibzada hamdan  1 years ago

    Jamie Collins Sir if i buy a Salvage car and Reclean All the things and do more good Work on car Electronic things It may be Work for me or Not Please Inform me.

  • Dejan Nedic  22 days ago

    Nothing wrong.. rebui and easy

  • Damnit Bobby  4 months ago

    I've seen insurance companies total a car for a broken side door window, cost $300. Stupid. Another one totaled a car because the front bumper cover fell off. The structural bumper under the plastic didn't move or even have a scratch. Snap the front bumper plastic back on and touch up the paint. The US is EXTREMELY wasteful.

  • Conscious  3 months ago

    Vanessa Sanders, yeah same Have a Red 95 Benz Amazing red shiny paint not a scratch, custom alloy rims, Lowed to the ground, custom.exhaust all tinted , even the sunroof, Tan leather seats, 150,000 miles. Insurance totaled it, vehicle has hood damage, bumper damage, grille, an minor damage to the cooling fan. Been so stressed out. I legit got my front bumper in the kitchen of my one bed room apt. ive already fixed half the damages myself, An im unsure if I should accept the salvage title payout an...

  • Vanessa Sanders  4 months ago

    They totaled my 2001 Lincoln LS that had less than 100,000 miles and in showroom condition declared by insurance company. Had tinted windows and insane wheels, leather seats not a crack, paint job not a scratch. (Except damages from wreck) had a broken front Axle and it needed a back bumper. That's all. So some cars they total are bogus. My Lincoln was a. awesome car.

  • IamReezy1  9 months ago

    I need feedback asap please

  • John Doe  3 months ago

    Its dumb to get any insurance on a salvage because you cant drive them on the streets so wth does it matter

  • Wilton Mac  18 days ago

    Half the cars ride past you have a salvage/rebuilt title an you don't even know

  • EZ20NOWTurboCharged  3 months ago

    Rebuilt Salvage is legal to drive on the Road. Salvage means before it has passed inspection.