Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? ALBUM REVIEW

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 1, 2019
  • Listen:'s a shame that the popularity and promotion behind Billie Eilish has poisoned the well a bit, as When We All Fall Asleep is actually an artful, well-crafted, and unique pop album.Buy this album: pop reviews: site: http://theneedledrop.comTND Twitter: Facebook: TND: TRACKS: BAD GUY, XANNY, YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN, ALL THE GOOD GIRLS GO TO HELL, WISH YOU WERE GAY, BURY A FRIEND, ILOMILO, LISTEN BEFORE I GO, I LOVE YOU, GOODBYELEAST FAV TRACK: WHEN THE PARTY'S OVERBILLIE EILISH - WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? / 2019 / DARKROOM / ELECTROPOP, ALTERNATIVE R&B8/10'all know this is just my opinion, right?


  • "Billie Billie EilishWhy are you so stylishI will buy this... AlbumThank you" - *_Cal Chuchesta, 2019_*

  • timmeh231  yesterday

    i watched the video too!

  • anon ominous  21 days ago

    @Samuel Maurice and here we are at 3.2k .-.

  • Veeti  2 months ago

    Melon, I dont think you can instantly give it a 0/10 just because shes a woman. also why did you call her "billy eyelids" for the entire video?

  • Sipher117 - Alex  13 hours ago


  • Dylann  yesterday

    mihailo stajic did you even watch the video you idiot?

  • Piccolo  2 months ago

    S *HE’S* BR *OK* EN

  • Halen Murphy  5 days ago

    Thank you piccolo

  • dezerae audla  2 months ago

    "The bass is ribbed for my ears pleasure"Thanks, I'll be using this from now on

  • Destroysall  1 months ago

    Truth Dog F

  • KryPtNo  1 months ago

    literally the second i read your comment he said it xDDDD

  • straight up  2 months ago

    Finaly i can listen to Billie Eilish without feeling guilty, Thanks Anthony!

  • gui fito  5 days ago

    1st april

  • Y O I N K  5 days ago

    @tired Just don't even bother trying to convince people that you're not a person who flaunts that you're "oNE oF tHE oRiGInaLS" or that you're not "edgy and unique". Most people who jump to that conclusion aren't going to change their view on you.

  • sparkycon  2 months ago

    Loved the review! A bit strange that the entire thing was you chanting, “industry plant” over and over, but great none the less!

  • ejjjify  1 months ago

    I liked the video, but I didn't understand the symbolism and meaning of the graphic pornography that kept flashing in the screen behind him

  • Retard Reviews  29 days ago

    ルFeitan booooo

  • You'r Mom  1 months ago

    @ルFeitan TRASHY REDDIT

  • Earth Zebra  a months ago

    Great vid, I just wish you weren’t default dancing to bad guy for 10 minutes

  • AnthonY TenkkU  1 months ago

    I liked this review over all, but the bigoted comments on Billie's Irish heritage was completely uncalled for.

  • Elise M  2 days ago

    Dennis Chapat Are you trolling or just retarded?

  • double OT  3 days ago

    @Dennis Chapat Exactly!

  • Kaan Kermen  2 months ago

    Cool April fools joke Anthony, although I don't think she was talking about you when she said "wish you were gay"

  • TFX Tech & info  2 months ago


  • Sausage Fingers  2 months ago

    What a way to come out though, Melon! Good luck with the gay sex!