Kehlani - Gangsta (from Suicide Squad: The Album) [Official Video]

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 8, 2016
  • The official audio of "Gangsta" by Kehlani from 'Suicide Squad: The Album'. "Gangsta" off the 'Suicide Squad Soundtrack' available now! iTunes: Music: Spotify: Play: for more official content from Kehlani: Kehlanihttp://kehlanimusic.com official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Kehlani.The Grammy Award-nominated R&B/pop songstress Kehlani caught the ears of many with 2015’s You Should Be Here earning her a 2016 Grammy Award for “Best Urban Contemporary Album.” In 2017, she revealed her debut album SWEETSEXYSAVAGE which ushered in the gold-certified singles “CRZY” and “Distraction.” In October of 2017 she introduced “Honey” which accumulated over 63 million streams worldwide. In 2019, she collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign on her single “Nights Like This”. Aside from the music, Kehlani has ventured off into the tech industry with her health and wellness startup, Flora. “Bridging the gap between my career, activism and my audience is important to me as a next step,” says Kehlani. “I look forward to creating positive change and making strides in tech.”Subscribe for the latest official music videos, official audio videos, performances, behind the scenes and more from Kehlani: #Gangsta #SuicideSquad #AtlanticRecords #Atlantic #OfficialVideo


  • diulikadikaday  1 months ago

    Girls: Where are all the good guys?Also girls: I need a gangsta

  • So tru

  • Faisal Qaiser  3 days ago

    @Kurami Rocket ikr sis

  • Sponge M  2 months ago

    *This shit sounds creepy asf**But still cool n lit*

  • jes i do

  • Anthony -  3 months ago

    2019? Khelani still killin’ it!

  • Raisa Ciofaca  3 days ago

    Kehlani honey

  • Kelinh is so pretty

  • Sobahn Khan  yesterday

    Kehlani inspired me to start making Music again - I aspire to make a song with her some day. Mark my words!

  • Jachelle Benjamin  9 hours ago

    @Jiwon's nutritious millets xExcacly always commenting

  • Dirty Dice  3 months ago

    Anyone still obsessed to this song in 2019??

  • Elizabeth On Gplay  20 hours ago

    I love gangsters

  • Elizabeth On Gplay  20 hours ago


  • yoni the poni  16 days ago

    Music Producers: How gangsta do you want to make people feel?Kehlani: yes

  • Ann Sampath  2 months ago

    Why am I obssessed with the song?

  • tapir pañordo  10 hours ago

    Ahhhh siiii

  • Emaan Ahsan  yesterday

    Ann Sampath because you’re obsessed with it

  • Sepol  2 months ago

    Kehlani Lyrics"Gangsta"(Suicide Squad soundtrack)I need a gangstaTo love me betterThan all the others doTo always forgive meRide or die with meThat's just what gangsters doI'm fucked up, I'm black and blueI'm built for all the abuseI got secrets that nobody, nobody, nobody knowsI'm good on that pussy shitI don't want what I can getI want someone with secrets that nobody, nobody, nobody knowsI need a gangstaTo love me betterThan all the others doTo always forgive meRide o...

  • Ivette Bailon  8 days ago

    Bitch I ain’t

  • OREGONLIFE  26 days ago

    cool i cant beileve you copied it off google and pasted it!good job!:)

  • Survivors Dogs  1 months ago

    I love how joker is about to leave Harley but he loves her to much he has to save her, the heartless king of Gotham finally found his queen!

  • Survivors Dogs  5 days ago

    sovereign amamoy I’m not talking about the damn comics here. In the comics joker is very abusive and cruel to Harley, but in the movie it’s different

  • Adrianna Gradzik  6 days ago

    Omg this film destroy this character. Joker never love Harley!

  • Pink Giraffe  20 days ago

    All the songs from suicide squad are so good! Best thing about the movie tbh.