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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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  • Andrew Cramer
    Andrew Cramer  a years ago


  • 120277mk
    120277mk  a years ago +1

    Your wave game suck your not even a 360 waver yet you should have wolfed a lil bit longer to get them connections better then get a 1and half cut and use double compression wit stocking cap with du rag for that extra hold and brush brush if u got hair like me you dont have to brush alot im a elite 360 waver since birth

  • MoneyMakinMitch
    MoneyMakinMitch  a years ago

    When she said I like someone else that shit hit me too 😞

  • Terrance Pruitt
    Terrance Pruitt  a years ago

    Another L smh stop fucking up Flight get one girl grow tf up lil boy

  • Blondgta5 Quintero
    Blondgta5 Quintero  a years ago +1

    Who else came him after the song CUT IT OUT

  • 4BMV
    4BMV  a years ago

    @5:50 secs brooooo.. This nigga is nuts! 😂😂😔

  • fred nasty
    fred nasty  a years ago

    Extraordinary is a big word?😦

    KING KHALID  a years ago


  • jusu karneh
    jusu karneh  a years ago

    She has trust issue but she can get any nigga

  • Ryan Cicchettzzz
    Ryan Cicchettzzz  a years ago

    She looks like the black jilly anais

  • Deeky 8323
    Deeky 8323  a years ago

    Damn you missed out on a good 1

  • TrillSpill
    TrillSpill  a years ago +1

    Flight a simp

    CHANELLE THE QUEEN  a years ago +1

    Desiree is such a nice and good person❤❤

    SINIST3RZ  a years ago

    She sexy af

  • Maurice Tyner
    Maurice Tyner  a years ago

    Flight bro! U come off to smooth n playa to be taking LLLL’s with all these baddies!! Is u fucking doe crip!!???

  • Mr. Thomas
    Mr. Thomas  a years ago

    The fact that she said no for the kiss and he still did it weird ass nigga🤦🏾‍♂️

  • S W
    S W  a years ago

    Licking his lips constantly is gross. Nigga get some damn chapstick.

  • alex h
    alex h  a years ago

    Brah flight drop that song !!

  • Team Banny
    Team Banny  a years ago

    Loool wasn't he dissin this girl couple months ago diss tracks and shit

  • King Kentral
    King Kentral  a years ago

    The snippet harddddd asf