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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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  • Zel Rising  11 months ago

    This man flight been acting totally different 😂😂 dude a player now

  • TheRealSkuwop  10 months ago

    I use to fuck with flight until I see how he act with females it's cringy af

  • Jay YT  10 months ago

    True but YouTube come wit bitches

  • Aayaros Texs  11 months ago

    You played the best girl u ever talked to she’s so nice ... I would never even looked your way

  • brave killer  10 months ago

    Why you mad an't you a nigga

  • Victor Oladipo  11 months ago

    Aayaros Texs what happened

  • Kenya Jordan  11 months ago

    I REALLY like how she handled this and how she handled HIM. And that’s right HE’s the one that missed out 👏🏾 👏🏾

  • Brownskin2001 love  11 months ago


  • GoofyDoom  11 months ago

    Hater Bitch

  • Jannie Jackson  11 months ago

    Brownskin2001 love facts

  • Mr. Nonchalant  11 months ago

    She's very elegant bro that's what you call a lady, very cordial, beautiful and respectful that's a woman with class and that's what you need in yo life 👌🏾😊

  • Kevin1Seven  11 months ago

    Don't put NOTHIN pass these hoes , I ain't heartbroken I kno the game

  • Jay Gonzalez  11 months ago

    He got heart broken so much he turned into a player 😂 the thots turned him that’s tuff 💀

  • The DU'RAG  11 months ago

    kfrmdahood nah nigga these YouTubers high key some simps

  • kfrmdahood  11 months ago

    Jay Gonzalez these niggas human jus like us 😂🤷🏾‍♂️they want pussy and they know what they want

  • Mari López  11 months ago

    She is so beautiful 😍🌺

  • A. J  11 months ago

    Dafuq for all we know she could be ugly asf it’s just a side picture thirsty fucks

  • Mari López  11 months ago

    FTC Stand Up! Yea I’m down to get famous 😉😝😂

  • Mr. Nonchalant  11 months ago

    15:13 damn bro when she said she like someone else it seemed like your soul just left the earth, your heart dropped outta yo ass ... but it's all good bro if you really like her that much than just show her that your the man that she NEEDS and show that you've learned from your mistakes and your ready to step up and move foward. But do it respectfully just as she respectfully told you that she likes someone still have a chance cz he ain't put a ring on it yet 👌🏾 good luck ma dude

  • Mr. Nonchalant  11 months ago

    Jayne Skye yeah I feel the same way they have good chemistry but.... flight just gotta step up, I kinda feel like he only puts up that facade for youtube though

  • Jayne Skye  11 months ago

    Agreed i dpnt want desi to get hurt again but i do really like they vibe and energy together. They would really be a great couple but flight so childish and messin shit up alwaysss ughhh. I do think he still may have a shot but he has do to really work hard for it.

  • mae lee  11 months ago

    Desiree is basically saying, “forgive but don’t forget” that’s what I follow too.

  • Daniel O  11 months ago

    mae lee what's yo @?

  • Supplanting One  11 months ago

    When she said "i like someone else" instantly that clip of all them boys going OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH⚠️⚠️ came to my head ⚰⚰⚰