Cookbook drops tomorrow!

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 2, 2017
  • Pre-order my first cookbook, Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook for Movie Lovers!
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  • Cam  (Oct 2, 2017))

    I'm a broke college student who can only cook with a microwave but hot DAMN you know I'm buying this.

  • Daniel Conway  (Oct 3, 2017))

    real cooking happens in your soul, not in an oven

  • bringit261  (Oct 2, 2017))

    Don't know where you are but Goodwill often has decent cookware by me in Seattle. And a brand new cast iron is only 15 bucks. It's easier with more tools but you definitely do most of his stuff with a decent non-stick pan, a steel (not non-stick) pot and a cast iron.

  • Martins  (Oct 2, 2017))

    I want you to eat me

  • Sullyvan  (Oct 2, 2017))

    Binging with Babish how long did it take you to think of that?...

  • Elliot Kim  (Oct 2, 2017))

    Well then.

  • Schweizernator  (Oct 2, 2017))

    The pictures looks incredible :D I've to get it

  •  (Oct 2, 2017))

    I'm buying this. Ive perfected cooking hot pockets and totinos pizza's so now is the time to take my cooking to THE NEXT LEVEL!

  • Pinhead Larry  (Oct 2, 2017))

    Do they ship to Ireland

  • SumDumBoi  (Oct 15, 2017))

    Ahh shire jesses I don't think that will... Sorry...

  • Creepin' Jesus  (Oct 11, 2017))

    God you're a piece of shit, it's a fucking cook book, cop on

  • Barbarian  (Oct 2, 2017))

    Who else pre-ordered it?Note: I preordered mine like 2 months before

  • Benana Ballistic  (Oct 15, 2017))

    I got mine. Super enthused

  • Jalal Karim  (Oct 6, 2017))

    Pam Pochel me too!!

  • Leather Pants Guy  (Oct 2, 2017))

    If you know it's going to be dropped why don't you pick it up before it falls to the floor?

  • TheOfficialSynnex  (Oct 2, 2017))

    LMFAO I thought it was pronounced it bing-ing with babeesh like some Indian name. I'm soo dumb

  • Coffee Pot Productions  (Oct 2, 2017))

    Yeah I still love the cover art, so clever I tell yeAlso nice food porn

  • WarBear  (Oct 2, 2017))

    happy for your success dude! i remember when you first started out on this channel