Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares



  • Sabrina Hards
    Sabrina Hards  20 minutes ago

    I've never heard of a micro garnish and frankly I wouldn't be impressed either.

  • Julianna Petraitis
    Julianna Petraitis  an hour ago

    He looks like the bad guy from wreck it Ralph

  • GuelphRacing
    GuelphRacing  an hour ago +1

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments..
    Have a wonderful day <3

  • HueTubeR
    HueTubeR  an hour ago

    Ramsey is very disrespectful. He’s like an unwanted guest who insists on having things done his way. Fucking Brit wanker.

  • Key Strix
    Key Strix  an hour ago

    Sounds like the owner has a 'micro carrot'.

  • German Aderius
    German Aderius  an hour ago

    After what Trump fed the players from Clemson, I'm starting to think this guy's food is better than what's at the White House 😂

  • Jonathan Rojas
    Jonathan Rojas  2 hours ago


  • Kaif Qais
    Kaif Qais  2 hours ago +1

    Is it just me or does Bill low-key look like Elon Musk?

  • Gregory Fluty
    Gregory Fluty  2 hours ago

    The Five Seasons...

    OBVIOUS FLAMER  2 hours ago

    Why call chef Ramsey to help you and then fight him?

  • Into The UNREAL
    Into The UNREAL  2 hours ago

    Ramsay - You'll do fookin nuttin!

  • DJ_AAM
    DJ_AAM  2 hours ago +1

    Remember kids, don't give micro carrots to the owner

  • sue JesusistheLord
    sue JesusistheLord  3 hours ago

    If you ask for help you should be willing to accept some truths. And if you are blessed enough to provide help it should be done respectfully.

  • Luke Smith's Guide to Cringing

    If it's on my plate, I should be able to eat it. Those micro-carrots can leave lmao

  • Secrecy
    Secrecy  4 hours ago

    That chef is a dumb motherfucker.

  • A random nobody
    A random nobody  5 hours ago

    This man thinks he's better a chef than G. Ramsay??????? hah?????? What is THAT??????

  • Osu Ghoul
    Osu Ghoul  6 hours ago

    “ the food here is the freshest “
    Me: *sees the chef microwave food*
    Gordon: *Fuck me*

  • discod
    discod  6 hours ago

    Where is the Five Seasons, is it better than the Four Seasons? 😆

  • FBI Undercover Loli
    FBI Undercover Loli  6 hours ago

    Next Up:Chef thinks his food is better than the white house

  • Billy Batson
    Billy Batson  6 hours ago

    I have when the owners say "WhAt DoEs He KnOw?"