Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • That impression was...something. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: Gordon Ramsay:Website: http://www.gordonramsay.comFacebook:


  • No Name  1 months ago

    I just love how as soon as Gordon Ramsay walks into a restaurant with cameras, the entire staff immediately betrays their place of employment. Lmao. I don't blame them. It's a good plan.

  • Ebani  9 hours ago

    @Ken M Not like they'd give it to people in need anyway. Famine's killing people is not bc of a lack of food, they simply have no money for said food.

  • 2ndrwkng  yesterday

    well its pretty much scripted? Are you even serious?

  • james Pitt  8 days ago

    Gordon hands him a tiny carrot."Don't hand me raw food."

  • DumbDuck44  2 days ago

    @Electric Rune Games Yeah there are some guys, they are well intentioned good people that are just clueless and need help and are grateful for getting it... then you have dicks like this with huge egos. You know he treats his staff like garbage considering how he thinks they are beneath him instead of working with him to make him money.

  • Dude, you put that on the food yourself two minutes ago, don't act like you're too good to touch it or it's gross - YOU put it on THE FOOD. YOU can take it back.I hope this dipshit went out of business...

  • Jared Cardinal  8 days ago

    “You don’t hand me raw food in my dining room”Well, maybe you shouldn’t serve raw food in your dining room then haha

  • ron stetz  7 hours ago

    Dumbass it's a carrot

  • ShortBread  3 days ago

    If he was in the kitchen he would never have been handed them either.

  • Owner:The Food Is FreshCamera Man:I’m Bouta End This Mans Career

  • Drew Rycerz  2 months ago

    "YOU DON'T HAND ME RAW FOOD, IN MY DINING ROOM" No, but you'll serve it to customers?

  • ron stetz  7 hours ago

    Dumbass they were carrots

  • poisoned bubble tea  19 hours ago

    “They serve them at the White House!”30 seconds later“And he hands that raw thing to me?!”Hmmmmmmmm

  • kreekaden  1 months ago

    The famous five seasons: fall, winter, spring, summer and delusion.

  • Soundtracked  12 hours ago

    The White House *_and_* the Five Seasons get those carrots, dammit!

  • Fisuaan  yesterday

    doesn't delusion come before the fall?

  • Melon Lord  1 months ago

    1:11 that "come here, you" was so cute

  • Free asf  2 hours ago

    popnlock idk at first listen it sounded rapey but now its TOTES ADORBS

  • popnlock  2 hours ago

    Free asf how?

  • Isaiah Aguilar  1 months ago

    “Would you like for us to make another French onion”Gordon Ramsay: “It takes about four hours to caramelize the onions”*BUSTED*

  • 8bitpineapple  29 minutes ago

    @Ryan Carlen ... *That's literally what he asked though* ... -_- he asked Gordon if he wanted them to prepare a new french onion, as in make a new one...

  • Ryan Carlen  11 hours ago

    Yeah because every bowl of soup is made to order.....I like Ramsey but that was a ridiculous comment.

  • Cyan Suy  1 months ago

    “Why did you shit all over my food”“I think it’s more of a garnish, to add a little color to the food”

  • Indigothe Knight  9 days ago

    What if someone ate it and not have known that? Lol

  • Tristan Lau  1 months ago

    it should be "shit all over my shit"

  • Joris Popplin  2 months ago

    "The food is the freshest" *reaches for frozen container* 😂

  • Arrow  2 days ago

    And proceeds to microwave it

  • Confetti Cake  2 days ago

    Fresh from the freezer 😜