I Bought An $11,000 Bentley Continental GT (With Some BIG Problems!)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  • Find crazy cheap cars with AutoTempest!►http://bit.ly/2AAWKCHSubscribe! ►http://bit.ly/2xZGtYNTavarish Shirts and Merch! ►http://bit.ly/2yYFNRUCar Guys Talk Podcast ►http://bit.ly/2D4iSp8Today we're starting my Bentley Continental GT project, that I bought from Tyler Hoover of Hoovie's Garage. This rebuild and restoration is going to be either absolutely amazing or absolutely terrifying. Either way, it's gonna be fun. Thanks to AutoTempest for sponsoring this video!Questions? Comments? Business inquiries? Email me at on Social: Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/asktavarishTwitter ►https://www.twitter.com/theRealTavarishInstagram ►https://www.instagram.com/therealtava...Music used in this video:NIVIRO - You [NCS Release]►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Nv5j...Music by Joakim Karud►https://cnclips.net/user/JoakimKaruddTree - GO►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKJRk...Malik Bash - Ghosts [NCS Release]►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Z5N...


  • Dariune  7 months ago

    bought and sold so many times this bentley might as well be considered public transport

  • Da truth  5 days ago

    I'm looking to buy one I know it's going to need some work done if anyone has a Bentley for sell hmu

  • Ales Mendozaroman  5 months ago

    It also might just be in limp mode reset ur ecu

  • FAST Food Pit Stops  7 months ago

    The same cars just move around between channels. I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Mr. Kerr  5 months ago

    @Ryan Thompson why? what?

  • qbanz  7 months ago

    Why 😂 that's not original

  • Fizz Khalifa  7 months ago

    Your videos have gotten funnier man! keep up the fantastic job :)

  • Ali Aliali  2 months ago


  • bigboydubbin  7 months ago

    Loooooool i love when people who play league watch car youtubers. Ive seen professor akali comment on acouple of car vids too!

  • Don Rico  7 months ago

    I know you can fix it. I can't wait until you start on that Ferrari. 👍

  • Netarded Riggas  7 months ago

    Only thing rolled back is that hair line

  • Y4123  7 months ago

    When I saw that title I just knew it was Hoovie's Russian basketcase of a Bentley

  • Ahmed knows  7 months ago


  • qbanz  7 months ago

    When I saw Bentley for 11,000 PERIOD I knew it was hoovies

  • Remco Stoutjesdijk  7 months ago

    You are getting REALLY good at this yootoob thingamabob. Obvious Top Gear style cues but no one ever said that was a bad show to take clues from. I actually sit down for these episodes, and I pretty much NEVER do that. Props maestro.

  • DonJuninio  7 months ago

    Love to see you do the work. Please stop talking so much. If I wanted to hear that much talking I would listen more to my wife or a podcast. Start to wrench!!!

  • MSengineering David  2 months ago

    DonJuninio he’s a parts changer..... not a skill craftsman.

  • Spentenzaz Reznov  5 months ago

    DonJuninio 😂😂😂

  • madzanta  7 months ago

    "Over the next few weeks" yeah...

  • GeDOc  7 months ago

    Wait until he finds solutions to every problem...like he is the first one to have those problems...booooring...

  • CantankerousDave  7 months ago

    madzanta 65 is a few. Technically.

  • Jackj28  1 months ago

    Ya then you found out it didn't have warranty, just like my friends continental, and that you have to change the air suspension and it's going to cost you 10k lol🤣😭😂 um no thank you